Chinese Woodworking Joints (DIY Project Download)

Joinery is a part of woodworking that involves joining together pieces of timber or lumber, to produce more complex items. As well, the highly resinous woods used in traditional Chinese furniture do not glue well, even if they are pre-cleaned with solvents and attached using modern glues. A great little article discussing Chinese furniture joinery and Construction with some excellent diagrams illustrating how Chinese joints fit together. Chinese ancient timber structures are famous worldwide. They are connected with unique joints known as mortise and tenon. Since few studies have addressed the structure of these joints, preserving these structures is difficult.

chinese woodworking joints 2The ingenious puzzle of the Chinese type shown in Fig. 369 is probably older than many of us could guess, but as it is one that can be made by any woodworker we give full directions as to how it may be constructed. When mentioning that Chinese woodworking does not use glue I always get the question how to edge-joint without glue. On a recent trip to Southern China I had the opportunity to see a very nice example on what it looks like. When most people think of Chinese furniture, they are thinking of the ornate style and pieces of the late Qing dynasty.

Like many things in traditional carpentry, these joints reached their zenith of development quite a while ago (in this case, the 16 17th century), and have since entered a period of technical decline. Tlcharger Wood and Wood Joints: Building Traditions of Europe, Japan and China Livre Ebook PDF Online. I remember when I was little, my father used to make the furniture by himself. A pile of timber would be transformed into the table, chairs, cabinet, and cloth covered sofa.

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chinese woodworking machinery 3Building with wood as an ecologically viable material is a tradition with a long history. In the most typical method, elements are connected by using wood joints which do not require the assistance of adhesives or metal connectors. Wood and Wood Joints: Building Traditions in Europe, Japan and China. By Klaus Zwerfer. Building with wood as an ecologically viable material is a tradition with a long history. 00017: The Poetics of Wood: Design and Carpentry System of Chinese Traditional Architecture (INT 0001700). Besides that, we will get a direct experience of Chinese carpentry by operating on models of traditional joints and brackets (prepared by the instructor). Woodworking joints (English to Chinese (s) translation). Translate Woodworking joints to English online and download now our free translation software to use at any time.

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