Cigar Box Amp Circuit (DIY Project Download)

cigar box amp circuit 1

What i have made is a cigar box amplifier. Picture of Cigar Box Amp! p Nice and simple tut, but you need to properly cite as the source for the Little Gem circuit–as it’s plagiarism not to. I have been in search of a dumbed down version of an amp build. ”We hope that this amp board works great for whatever usage you have in store for it! In our own Cigar Box Amplifier building,we have found this little amp circuit and speaker combo to produce a surprising amount of great sound! And if you include an output jack and plug it into a larger amp or powered speaker cabinet, then the possibilities are much broader. How about a list of decent kits available for building mini amps, or any decent amp kit. Permalink Reply by petey twofinger on October 25, 2010 at 3:43pm if you really want to go cheap, you can get amp circuits from kiddie tape recorders that have mics.

cigar box amp circuit 2Ruby and 2w Cigar Box Amp kits now available. If you have never done a DIY kit then this is a great first project. Printed circuit board of the Ruby Amp circuit, Product Details. (Compare the sound of his cigar box amp to the tone of one made from a Ghostbusters thermos. No matter an amp’s point of origin, they’re all fitted with the Ruby circuit. And I know that having pickups and an amp circuit in such close proximity isn’t ideal, but this is just something for practising. The biggest challenge was designing something that could withstand the tension of the 6 strings, as the cigar box itself is very flimsy.

Ruby Amp

Cigar Box Amp!