Cigar Box Amp Schematic (DIY Project Download)

cigar box amp schematic 1

Build this workable little practice amp in about an hour. He made a couple of beautiful cigar box guitars, including one he calls the Vintage Blues Texas Rattlesnake Special model. Download the PDF of the schematic from the files above and print it out. This really simple 2.5W amplifier circuit board is the perfect start to building your own Cigar Box amp. It was born out of an old cigar box, radio speaker and a simple 9V battery powered amplifier circuit. We released out first Cigar Box Amp Kit back in 2008.

cigar box amp schematic 2Ruby is an enhanced version of the Little Gem battery-powered amplifier. People from around the world emailed me to tell me they’d built cigar box guitars based on my instructions. Would you like to try your hand at soldering a circuit?

I don’t have a lot of experience with reading schematics, and so i don’t know where to start trying to realign or guess at how to wire this thing. More my speed is a simple little stomp box circuit I found on diystompboxes. Where this could be critical is if you wish to put the circuit on the input of your cigar box amp as part of the amps circuitry. 9. The Make schematic for the cigar box amp calls for a 25 ohm rheostat, which is either hard to find or much more costly than it needs to be.

Diy Cigar Box Amp Help

I was inspired by the youtube video on the right to electrify my Cigarbox guitar. I did some searching on the web and found that’s Colin’s circuit was a basic version and that it could be improved upon namely by adding some Zener diodes to protect the FET from voltage spikes. Photoresistor Theremin in a cigar box. To boost the signal, I needed an audio amplifier, so I turned to the good, old Radioshack project book, Timer Op Amp and Optoelectronic Circuits and Projects Vol. The cigar box guitar is a primitive chordophone whose resonator is a discarded cigar box.

Diy Cigar Box Amp Help