Cigar Box Bass Build (DIY Project Download)

The cigar box should be as strong as possible, made of solid wood, not cardboard or particle board. If I get 4 bass strings and a long enough neck would that be a cigar bass? As detailed in the three-string cigar box guitar post, the primary focus was to not use a cigar box, but to build my own custom boxes. The bass version was the first one I decided to complete, and other than using a longer piece of neck timber the process is just the same! I spent a bit of time thinking about tuning and eventually decided on G and D it works well with the open G tuning on the guitar versions and allows for some nice droning sounds when playing the two strings together. One will be the classic CBG (cigar box guitar); with the other one, we will show you some of the possible upgrades. He has a pretty cool guitar setup on this; it has one bass string and two guitar strings tuned to DAD.

cigar box bass build 2At age 13, he bought a bass guitar and began playing along to his parents’ albums, which included the standard Springsteen, Beatles and Stevie Wonder repertoire. Unfortunately we do not have any bass guitar plans as of yet. You might check out the Cigar Box Basses group over on CigarBoxNation. Cigar Box Nation member, Miku built this beaturiful bass/baritone guitar hybrid.

Brian Lemin presents his own take on building a cigar box guitar. Pictures, descriptions and more. The cigar box guitar is a primitive chordophone that uses an empty cigar box as a resonator. Using these, along with the washtub bass (similar to the cigar box guitar), jug, washboard, and harmonica, black musicians performed blues during socializations. Fun with a 2×4 Bass – Build Your Own Cigar Box Nation See more about Cigar Box Nation, Cigar Boxes and Cigars.

The Cigar Box Guitar Maker

Antique Cigar Box Bass cello. Cookie tin banjos, and all things made by people like yourself who have decided building and playing homemade instruments is so much more rewarding than buying name brand guitars. 3 string slide cigar box guitar plus one string bass (2 outputs). CBG Daily Quick-Tip: What Size Cigar Box is Best for a Cigar Box Guitar? OK I got the parts today to build a 3/4 size cigar Box Bass guitar. Before I go posting the build, is there any interest in seeing one of these built?

Build A Cigar Box Guitar