Cigar Box Guitar Demo (DIY Project Download)

I am stepping out a little more in 2016 by posting videos of my guitars on YouTube. Sidebar, I played one of my license plate guitars at church last week and g. Custom-pickup maker Dylan McKerchie dips his toe in the world of stogie-box instruments. 4 String Fretted Acoustic Electric Cigar Box Guitar VIDEO DEMO.

cigar box guitar demo 2Daddy Mojo Custom Cigar Box Guitars. The string height can be adjusted low enough for it to be played exclusively as a finger style guitar. Daddy Mojo Six String Model Demo. This is a demo of a ceramic cigar box style guitar (CBG style) that I made out of stoneware clay. The clay guitar body & slide were sculpted, fired to 1945F, engobe coloring was added, and they were fired again to 2232F in 1 of my electric kilns. Here another demo, this time the guitar was plugged in an amp with a little reverb.

Belinda Gent – 2 String Cigar Box Bass. Home Made 2 String Fretless Bass Cigar Box Guitar – Demo. Uploaded 4 years ago. Music 50; Photos 0; Interview 1.

Cigar Box Guitars: 6-string Models

Belinda Gent