Cigar Box Guitar Music Videos (DIY Project Download)

VIDEO: Norwegian Wood Played on a 3-String Slide Cigar Box Guitar. May 2, 2016. Throughout the early years of American Folk Music, Delta Blues, Hill County and Appalachia music, many of the musicans of the past played simple, crude and homemade guitars that were instruments of poverty. If you only ever see one video of a 3-string cigar box guitar in action, watch this one, watch it till the end WITH AN OPEN MIND before you decide if you like the type of sound a primitive 3 stringer will produce. Your First Song on the CBG: Learn the 12-bar Blues from C. B. Gitty. This tab and video are for a 3-string fretted cigar box guitar tuned to Open G GDG.

cigar box guitar music videos 225 Off-the-Beaten-Path Albums Every Guitarist Needs to Hear. Cigar box guitars are mostly just slide ‘n play. Plus, for the guitarist, what could be easier than playing simple slide guitar with a pluck here and there??? It’s basically just one finger guitar – Just connect the dots up and down the strings as you play, add a dash of slide here and there and presto you’ve got that sound you’ve been after all those years but just could never find no matter what kind of store bought guitar you’ve used before. Here in the video below is a really difficult sound to get on a 6 string guitar. One day, while surfing the web, he stumbled on a video of a guy playing a guitar made out of a cigar box.

Mike Snowden is a guitarist, singer-songwriter, and cigar box guitar craftsman. He is a leading figure in the recent resurgence of interest in cigar box guitars. After seeing a video on the Internet of someone playing a cigar box guitar, he was intrigued. He did research into the origins of cigar box guitars and how they were constructed. Videos. Reed Turchi taking one of our guitars for a spin at the first Handmade Music Extravaganza. Secret Devil Tuning – Test-Driving a Saner Cigar Box Guitar. Blind Willie Johnson: His father made him a one-string cigar box guitar at the age of five.

To On A Three-string Cigar Box Guitar Video

3 string slide blues. Some users have reported issues playing some of the videos on their iPads with the new iOS. Two new workshops on slide blues complete the 4 string resources. In early October, 2014 I was bitten by the Cigar Box Guitar bug. An initiative of here you’ll find a collection of free resources for playing your cigar box guitar. It’s not about teaching you how to play, but about what to play, primarily for folks that have completed my Starter Pack and have their skills up already. I’ll get on to the video soon. Getting started with your cigar box guitar and how to play a cigar box guitar. A power chord produces a great sound for blues, punk and rock. If you are new to the guitar and/or the cigar box 3-string slide guitar, you can get started by watching some of my videos below.

Mike Snowden