Cigar Box Guitar Music Youtube (DIY Project Download)

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Guitar idea YouTube WebM 720p. I’m waiting for a 3D printer guitar. In another YouTube, Kurt Schoen discuss some other guitars at a 2011 product showcase, describing how many of their guitars feature leather bindings and steamer trunk keys as tuning pegs. Burgess’ YouTube channel to hear some music played on cigar box guitars and other resonator guitars. Mike Snowden plays cigar box guitars as a one-man band and builds them from his garage in Marietta, Georgia. CNN’s Mike Rowe gets a lesson in music history by learning how to make a guitar out of a cigar box. I saw a guy on YouTube playing a cigar box guitar, and I was like, ‘What is that?

cigar box guitar music youtube 2Mike Snowden is a guitarist, singer-songwriter, and cigar box guitar craftsman. He is a leading figure in the recent resurgence of interest in cigar box guitars. He has put out four additional albums of original cigar box guitar music, along with a sampler of songs from his five albums; a sixth album is in the works. His YouTube videos of original music and instructional videos have amassed a total of over 800,000 views; the most popular is Chicken Coop Blues, which has over 225,000 views. Join the Cigar Box Guitar Revolution and return to the primal roots of guitar music with a handcrafted Nigel McTrustry Cigar Box Guitar. The Pistoia Blues Festival presents: The 1st Italian Cigar Box Guitar Meeting. Italy will have its first cigar box guitar festival as part of the Pistoria Blues Festival’s side stage events! Details are still forthcoming, but interested parties can contact the Cigar Box Guitar Italia Facebook page for more information. GuitarWorld on YouTube.

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