Cigar Box Guitar Neck Finish (DIY Project Download)

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But I’ve never built a guitar. And since I don’t play a guitar, I don’t know what a good finish for a neck is. I assume you want it to be nice and smooth so your fingers will slide. But also durable so it’s not coming off in sheets while you play. Clear gloss nitrocellulose lacquer from the Manchester Guitar Tech here in the UK. Wherever you decide to put it, you’ll have to sand the finish off of the wood.

cigar box guitar neck finish 2Delta Groove Guitar Necks we have 2 styles Fretted and U-finish Order your Neck Today. I decided to make a slightly fancier guitar than most, with real guitar tuning pegs, a nice stained and varnished finish, and a piezo pickup. A little history: cigar box guitars have been built since the time of the American Civil War, but they first took off in popularity during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Found a scrap piece of copper for 1, a box from a shop for 5, a 3 wide Poplar board for neck. This KIT includes everything, and I DO mean EVERYTHING, including the NECK, with CUT-OUTS and ALL HOLES PRE-DRILLED. That’s right, You will get all the pieces you need to FINISH YOUR OWN Acoustic Three String Cigar Box guitar, INCLUDING THE NECK, and be playing it within hours of opening the KIT.

Has anyone used Tung oil for the neck finish? Does it hold up well? Mark. Cigar Box Guitar Headquarters – CBG HQ. After applying a coat of tung oil or any finish, instead of rubbing with steel wool, crumble up a brown shopping bag and rub vigorously. The addition of a matching Padauk biscuit bridge creates the perfect finish to the look. There are different ways to fix this, including the simple solution of just putting screws down into the wood of the neck/headstock to hold the strings in place. This kit contains all of the parts you need to complete your cigar box guitar – the box, neck, hardware and strings. This video shows King of the Cigar Box Guitar Shane Speal playing one of these kits he had finished about 5 minutes earlier.

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A page about my cigar box guitar project. This is a Cuban box, which once held some rather hefty Esplendido cigars. I finish my necks by sanding exposed areas with 400-grade abrasive paper and then applying a wax finish, which, together with the curved profile of the back, gives a really nice feel. We are finally going to finish our cigar box guitar. The photo gallery below shows the final steps in making a fretboard, gluing it up and making a nut, bridge and saddle. Now that you’ve finished your axe, do you want to show it off? Feel free to post photos on our wall at our Facebook page. I am looking for a file for a cigar box guitar neck. I would like to make a cigar box guitar but have never made anything like it. I looked for a tutorial on how to build one but only found bit and pieces not a full start to finish tutorial. Any help would be great. One piece Canadian maple neck, maple cigar box with vintage patina finish, traditional segmented f-holes and elegantly engraved Mojo Fisticuffs design (for this third run of Artisans). A killer under saddle pickup is at the heart of this instrument, reproducing it’s natural acoustics in a robust way (don’t say we didn’t warn you!). Mojo Hand Cigar Box Guitar Company – famous custom made cigar box guitars. Features a four stringed Red Oak Neck (22 inch scale) with Mojo Hand Logo, Hand Rubbed Tung Oil Finish, Jose Garcia ‘601’ Body (8 3/4 X 8 X 1 3/4),. The neck is mounted at an angle relative to the box to provide a more consistent string action along the neck.

Tung Oil For Finish?