Cigar Box Guitar Piezo Pickup Radio Shack (DIY Project Download)

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A trip to Radio Shack will get you the piezo and 1/4 inch mono jack. Since we want it to pickup the sound from our guitar and send it to our amplifier it needs to come out of the case. Radio Shack and other retailers sell piezos (for outrageous prices) which come encased in a plastic housing. Albeit guitar manufacturing has come a long way in the past hundred years, there is a long history to show that you don’t need much to make a guitar. With this in mind, we are going to be bringing this cigar box into the modern era by amplifying it with a piezo contact pickup and a volume knob. Tags: electric cigar box guitar instrument radioshack shack diy fun.

cigar box guitar piezo pickup radio shack 2When a friend gave me a couple of empty cigar boxes, I knew right away that I wanted to try my hand at making a DIY cigar box guitar!. Here is another experimental pickup I made from Radio Shack parts. This one has three small button magnets superglued between two pieces of styrene that I had laying around. Adding Piezo Pickups to a Cigar Box Guitar. The Piezo Pickup is actually a Piezo Buzzer (Transducer) that costs about 1.50 at RadioShack.

What a pickup allows you to do is amplify your cigar box guitar (or in a pinch a real acoustic 6-string) through an amp. It is a common complaint from builders trying a piezo for the first time that the sound they are getting from their amp is far from what they want. Several popular CBG How-To guides recommend just slapping in a plastic-encased piezo from Radio Shack into your build, and unfortunately a plastic-encased piezo is very prone to squealing and other issues. Taking these two simple steps can radically improve the sounds you get out of a piezo pickup in a CBG. I put 2 of these from radio shack under the bridge on my fretless Pbass, sounds great with no preamp, I just connected the leads to a mini toggle to turn it on. C.B. Gitty is another source of cigar box guitar parts, especially if you don’t want to wait on the slow boat from China.

Building My First Cigar Box Guitar

If your CBG has a piezo pickup you should use a preamp. Compare the two circuits side by side and you’ll see that quite a bit changes, you can’t just drop the radio shack j-fet into the tillman. I’d love to hear a clip using a cigar box with piezo output. A piezo pickup as used on guitar can be thought of as a voltage source in series with a small value capacitor, as shown here. I’ve added a Radio Shack piezo to my Cigar Box Guitar build, but the treble harshness and feedback are big problems. I just went to Radio Shack and bought the largest diameter piezo buzzer I could find. In addition to the cigar box guitars played by all, Roy played cigar box bass and cigar box Uke. Almost everything else was from home depot, radio shack and my local cigar shop. 1/4 inch jack for the pickup and built my own pickup out of a piezo buzzer. Piezo Installation — ‘How To’ For CBGs. Click on the link below for a tutorial on how to install a piezo pickup in your cigar box guitar. All the components can be found at radioshack for around 10. 10 DIY Cigar Box Guitar Practice Amp made using a thrifted cigar box.

Cigar Box Guitar Pickup

Some builders of cigar box guitars use improvised piezo pickups made from piezo buzzers sold by the likes of Radio Shack, however the pickup used here is very cheap (even more so when you consider the two-for-the-price-of-one arrangement). I just finished my second Cigar Box Guitar build and it turned out better then my first one. I decided to use a piezoelectric buzzer from Radio Shack as my first pickup for my first CBG. I simply disassembled the buzzer carefully, making sure to not damage the piezo element. As the above poster said, google Radio Shack piezo pickup. You will find a number of good results. I build them into the bridge on my cigar box guitars. In this pic the piezo is just under the aluminum plate. In fact, I set one of my 3-string electric cigar box guitars just like Steve’s 3-string Trance Wonder. As for my main CBG is in the How to Build plans, it has an internal piezo pickup that was crafted from a Radio Shack buzzer (wired backwards!) and is good for acoustic stuff.

I will–I got the piezos from Radio Shack yesterday, and I’m just waiting for the rest of my hardware, which is being held hostage by the US Postal Service in a facility somewhere in about ten miles from my home. If you sell cigar box guitars with piezo pickups, these pre-amps could be a great way to make additional income. I’ve got one that’s mounted in a small experimenter box from RadioShack. I’m always looking for thinner magnetic pickups to fit on my cigar box guitars.