Cigar Box Mountain Dulcimer (DIY Project Download)

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Growing up in Appalachia I’ve seen my fair share of backwoods instruments but none are more impressive to me than the Cigar Box Guitars. Being left handed is what attracted me to playing the dulcimer, it was inexpensive and easy to flip the strings around. A lot of folks have made cigar box dulcimers, just a variation of the strum stick sort of? Most I’ve heard sound pretty good. Nearly all the instrument making you will find here centers on 3 instruments, the traditional mountain dulcimer, strum sticks and hammer dulcimers. Why the Mountain Dulcimer’s drone sounds better than a Stick Dulcimer’s.

cigar box mountain dulcimer 2Interested in trying something new with your cigar box instrument building? How about a mountain dulcimer? Diane from Chicago has a lot of experience building and playing mountain dulcimers, and she has written a nice article over at CBGitty. Smokey Mountain Dulcimer Works for dulcimers, strum sticks, mandolins and banjos. The Cigarbox can have 3 string strumstick neck or 4 to 6 string chromatic neck. 3,4,6 string hand made guitars form cigar boxes. I make a TON of custom models, dual pickups, selector switch cbg’s, short scale basses, dulcimer guitars etc.

The nicotina (an instrument of my own devising) is made from a wooden cigar box, with fretting and strings based upon the mountain dulcimer and a sound like a gentle banjo. This is an electro-acoustic CBG based on an Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer. Labels: appalachian dulcimer, cigar box, cigar box dulcimer, cigar box guitar, diatonic, dulcimer, electric, haufcut, instruments, mrjonthehat, strumstick, video. When the canjo is built with diatonically spaced frets (essentially the same as a mountain dulcimer’s melody string), it becomes an idea instrument for teaching children the basics of music, including the physics of stringed instruments.

Cigar Box Guitar Parts And Accessories Advanced Building: Cigar Box Mountain Dulcimers

Cigar box guitars hub cap banjos ukuleles. Mountain Dulcimer 120.00. Sandy Garcia original art models-click on image 120.00. Day of the Dead Guitar.JPG. La Aroma De Cuba Cigar Box Mountain Dulcimer by Billy Bones. 24. As far as I can tell the mountain or Appalachian dulcimer was invented in America though I guess it has some likely antecedents in other fretted instruments and is of quite recent origin relatively (not gaining mainstream presence until the late 1800s). And think of it as more of a cigar box guitar/diddley bow. Hand built Appalachian Mountain Dulcimers, Ukuleles, Celtic Harps, Kantele Harps, Lyre Harps, Cigar Box Guitars, Stick Dulcimers and Guitars.

The Nicotina