Cigreen Unregulated Box Mod (DIY Project Download)

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The unregulated box mod danger is real (album in comments) (i. This looks like the Cigreen Tank crossing mode with the engravings sanded off. Unregulated dual 18650 box mod. So, the Bigfoot Box Mod comes packed in a cardboard box with the Cigreen logo on the top left and some engravings in the corners that resemble flowers. Origin Vape X Cigreen, Darkwood Box Mod 185/250. Uploaded a year ago. My first unregulated box is quite the looker. 0 points. 3,204 views. Add tag.

clear lucite chairs 2Cigreen clear ABS mechanical box mod. There are 101 ads listed under Unregulated Box Mods. Imperfections in wood is normal & will vary per box. K & K Unregulated Box Mod Black Out 44. 130.00. -not for transportation via airplane. Cigreen ABS Plastic Boxmod. -Dual 18650’s. -Fully Mechanical Switch. -Magnetic Battery Plate. Seven (7) Wood Boxmod.

Cigreen unregulated dual 18650 box mod on sale 49.99!!!! 45 likes. 23w vipvaporsCigreen unregulated dual 18650 box mod on sale 49.99! There exist good mechanical box mods (Tank Crossing box for example) that properly implement a fully mechanical switch.

Unregulated Box Mods For Sale

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