Circular Saw Blade Firewood Processor (DIY Project Download)

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Im powering my processor with a 130 or 140 hp diesel motor. if i have to i can turn the fuel up on it and really make it scoot. The Most Economical Mid-Size Firewood Processor Available Today If you are a firewood producer looking for an efficient means of processing firewood, look no further than the 1620 SS. The Firewood Processors made by Bells Machining are the most rugged built, easy to use and most productive firewood processors on the market today.

circular saw blade firewood processor 2We have our own Firewood Processor, this machine is hydraulically operated, and the completed machine loads, cuts and splits the log up to eight pieces. Sawmills use the very large circular saws, up to nine feet (2.97 meters) of diameter. Blades of sawmill are also used like an alternative to a radial arm saw. Cord King firewood processor This processor can produce 4-5 cords per hour with a circular blade portable firewood processor, it has one dual-wheeled axle, a 2-5/16 ball coupler, engine is a 4-cylinder John Deere diesel, enginee is a turbo, it has a new injector pump and starts and runs great, owner usually runs it just barely above an idle. I am looking for one to saw logs for firewood, not cutting lumber. My nephew gets big crosscut blades and repair work from Menomonee saw for timberslasher and firewood processor.

I have extra teeth and shanks for the blade. I will also add peaveys and can’t hooks as well as all other associated parts and pieces. We have the following to help maintain your firewood processor. 2008 Cord King Model 60 Circular Saw Firewood Processor, Equipped with 32′ Hydraulic Discharge Conveyor, John Deere 125 Turbo Diesel Engine with 1,384 Hours On Rebuilt Engine 3,400 frame hours Live Deck,, Enclosed cab with Heat and Air 60 Circular Saw, 12 and 16 Splitter Wedges Rebuilt Main Cylinder, Solid Piston Installed Ready for the Firewood Season?. Firewood Processor New Never Been Used, Hydraulic Blade Motor, 2-3 Cords Per Hour depending on what your Splitting, Infeed Deck, Waste conveyor, Product Conveyor, 40 Blade, 18 diameter Logs, 12 Way Splitter, Double Clamp, Log Turner, 40-50 Ton Press, Whole system will Fit on 1 flat Bed Load.

Pickard’s Farm Firewood Processor

While most processors use a hydraulic chainsaw bar to cut the logs to length, some use a very large circular saw blade called a slasher blade. The cutting station includes a rotating blade that is positioned above the log infeed trough and is mounted for upward and downward movement controlled by an operator at the control station in a vertical direction substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the trough to enable cutting of the log. Firewood Processor with Vertically-Displaceable Circular Saw. Firewood processors for wood processing includes AKM – 200 Kindlet TRH, Fuel Factory, Hydraulic two chain timber deck, JAPA, Transaw 350XL, etc. Tough wood processing products including Circular saw drum from AMR, AKM – 200 Kindlet TRH producing fine kindling, the FUEL FACTORY, Transaw 350XL and Splitta ASM 400 Wood Processor creating bagged logs from trees, the Hydraulic two chain timber deck for efficient presentation of logs and the JAPA range of firewood processors. The PALAX series offers new top of the line firewood processors – Palax 55, Palax Combi MII, Palax Active, Palax KS35 Ergo, Palax KS35S (Joystick), Palax KS40 Ergo, Palax KS40S (Joystick), Palax KS45S (Joystick), Palax Power90S (Joystick), Palax90SG (Joystick) and Palax Power100S (Joystick). The unit is equipped with a silent and smoothly cutting hard-metal blade. He tried out the Cord King Model 60 compact firewood processor that had caught his attention on the Cord Master Web site. Cord King refers to the machine’s 60-inch carbide circular slasher blade. I run 2 circular saw units as they create less waste and hold an edge for longer. I guess you can sharpen chainsaw more easily than circular saw blade tho?

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The JAPA 700 machine is a reliable firewood processor equipped with a TCT circular saw blade 700 mm in diameter. Irrespective of minor impurities, the TCT blade stays sharp for a long time.