Circular Saw Wood Processor (DIY Project Download)

FIREWOOD PROCESSORS Tough wood processing products including Circular saw drum from AMR, AKM – 200 Kindlet TRH producing fine kindling, the FUEL FACTORY, Transaw 350XL and Splitta ASM 400 Wood Processor creating bagged logs from trees, the Hydraulic two chain timber deck for efficient presentation of logs and the JAPA range of firewood processors. Anyone know where a man could pick up a giant circular saw blade? just nearly exactly like the ones that cord kings use?:D. Im powering my processor with a 130 or 140 hp diesel motor. if i have to i can turn the fuel up on it and really make it scoot. Flv also, that chain had about 5 to 6 cords of wood on it already, so it was getting time for a sharpening. We have our own Firewood Processor, this machine is hydraulically operated, and the completed machine loads, cuts and splits the log up to eight pieces. Sawmills use the very large circular saws, up to nine feet (2.97 meters) of diameter.

circular saw wood processor 2If you are looking for a firewood processor from an American made, family-owned company look no fourther than the Woodbine line-up. This amazing improvement will revolutionize the world of circular saw firewood processors for ever. The new Hakki Pilke CS900 firewood processor has a capacity of 14.5 or 37cms and has a circular saw. Available electric and PTO. Hakki Pilke OH27 (Previously known as the OH60) is a firewood processor which uses a 700mm circular saw for cutting wood. The device has its own hydraulics.

The PALAX series offers new top of the line firewood processors – Palax 55, Palax Combi MII, Palax Active, Palax KS35 Ergo, Palax KS35S (Joystick), Palax KS40 Ergo, Palax KS40S (Joystick), Palax KS45S (Joystick), Palax Power90S (Joystick), Palax90SG (Joystick) and Palax Power100S (Joystick). Cutting through circular saw with carbide teeth: 800 mm. LEUCO offers carbide- and diamond-tipped saw blades for sizing or trimming cuts for saw mills, solid wood processors, parquet or laminate flooring manufacturers, processors of wood-based panels and composite materials as well as processors of plastics and non-ferrous metals.


circular saw wood processor 33000/4000 Bar Saw Firewood Processor. 4000 SERIES Circular Saw. Bells Machine 6000 firewood processor with 32′ conveyor, 54 circular saw, 6 way wedge, 4 strand live deck, heated cab, triple axle, grizzly. A firewood processor includes a main framework having a front end, rear end and opposite sides. Firewood Processor with Vertically-Displaceable Circular Saw. The log is sawn by either a hydraulically operated chainsaw harvester bar, or on larger machines, a very large circular saw blade (slasher saw), or a guillotine powered either directly from a pto (tractor or engine powered) or by hydraulics. Hakki Pilke Eagle tractor PTO powered firewood processor with TCT blade. The Hakki Pilke Eagle splitting circular saw makes cutting and splitting of wood simple and easy.