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Inspired by a nearly 200 year old Robert Jupe design, we build each one of our reclaimed barnwood Expanding Round Tables by hand in our shop in Jerome, AZ. In it, he twists the circular table, which splits into quarters, revealing four arrow-shaped pieces of wood and a central eight-pointed star. A few years ago, the world of fine woodworking was presented with the Fletcher Capstan table. It’s a round table, able to expand its diameter merely by rotating the top. A gloriously engineered bit of mechanics move the leaves of the tables out while simultaneously raising the inner part of the table.

circular table that expands 2Also, added benefit of being perfectly round after expansion and having a smaller base. Also that table of yours is okay. Someone linked me to this video of the mechanism in the Fletcher table that was quite revealing. A card table for four or six becomes a dining table for eight to twelve, all with a quick turn by hand or, if you want, via remote control – the process is nearly as gorgeous as the product. Throughout its stunning transformation, the expanding tables retain a circular shape while a 3D kaleidoscope of hidden leaves lift up and slot gently into place. Just recently I have figured out how to build this table with self-storing leaves using the same robust mechanical system that is the foundation of this table design. The only other version of this table that I am aware of that can perform this action uses cables and springs for the mechanism, which is not very robust.

I just love the idea of circular tables expanding and keeping their circular shape. So many circular tables expand into ovals. Everybody does that!!! These are some of the coolest engineered pieces of furniture I’ve seen. Hope to see more sent to me. Ever seen that crazy Fletcher Capstan table that expands to nearly double its size with a simple spin? If not, you should definitely check it out. It’s one of the most impressive pieces of furniture ever to be built, and watching its moving parts swing into place is absolutely mesmerizing. Shop for contemporary dining sets, dining tables and chairs with Smart Furniture. We carry modern dining furniture and accessories.

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circular table that expands 3Easily, seamlessly, and within seconds, the round Fletcher Capstan table spins to double its seating capacity, while retaining its flawless circular shape. Expansion leaves stored within the table ascend and self-adjust as the table grows and reverse the process to retract. DBFletcher is a luxury British furniture maker. We design and build the Fletcher Capstan Table a bespoke handcrafted expanding table. Shop the latest expandable round dining tables on the world’s largest fashion site. By Ahmed Abbas Momin The Fletcher Capstan Table is named after designer Fletcher David, its a kind of table which automatically expands from a small size to a larger one. It is a round table capable of doubling its seating capacity and, in process of expanding it remains truly circular. 48 expandable round dining table from Pottery Barn. Buy Round Dining Tables at IKEA. Choose from a range of styles, including our extendable round tables, perfect for extra guests. Shop online or in-store.

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Expandable dining tables come in a variety of sizes and styles, many with internal hidden extensions that lengthen the furnishing so it can seat 6, 10 or more with a few easy maneuvers. Even if you’re not welcoming an army of guests, consider a small expandable table, such as a round piece that can easily become an oval when company arrives. A round table capable of doubling its seating capacity, while maintaining its circular shape throughout it’s transformation. The original idea was designed in the nineteenth century by a man named Robert Jupe. If an inflatable table doesn’t do it for you, we like the looks of the Braun Woodline table. It starts as a small round table for four, and, through a slick drawer mechanism, expands to seat eight or more — there are three sizes that expand to seat up to 16, if you really like to party, as well as a square table option, if round isn’t your style. Expanding round table. Gif Bin is your daily source for funny gifs, reaction gifs and funny animated pictures! Large collection of the best gifs.

While he was not able to duplicate the always-round design of the Fletcher Capstan, here’s the version he posted a video of last week, where he explains the mechanicals he devised to achieve Fletcher-like results:. It was, the original expanding table idea by Robert Jupe in 1835 and the modern self storing iteration by David Fletcher in 2002, GB2396552. 6788 for an expandable table design. The round six-seater table contained a particularly ingenious mechanical mechanism that must have astonished citizens of the Georgian era. Before we get into the mechanism, have a.