Clean Room Standard Operating Procedures (DIY Project Download)

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Best practices for people working in cleanrooms: gowning, cleaning, hand spraying, behaviours and aseptic practices. Providing training and consulting to help customers manage and maintain cleanrooms to industry standards and regulations. Electronics manufacturing industries need to protect the products that theyassemble and manufacture. The susceptibility of the products to external, internal and latent damages require a cleanroom environment to ensure that quality requirements are not sacrificed.

clean room standard operating procedures 2Every type of cleanroom facility is discussed in terms of design, construction, operation, procedures, standards, and management. This 4th textbook by Dr. Austin is unbelievable in the amount of information provided and one of the books of the decade in the medical device field. Once a cleanroom is built it must be maintained and cleaned to the same high standards. This handbook has been prepared to give professional cleaning staff information about how to clean the cleanroom. Strict procedures should be followed whenever entering or cleaning a cleanroom. Compromise is not acceptable when cleaning in a cleanroom. Below is a list of general regulations recommended as a minimum for the successful operation of a cleanroom. It is our responsibility to clean them in compliance with all regulatory standards and in accordance with your standard operating procedures. We provide our designated cleanroom cleaning staff with extensive management and training, ensuring that they have the necessary skills to clean all classes of cleanrooms, including sterile pharmaceutical cleanrooms.

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