Cleaning Chicken Coop Floor (DIY Project Download)

Backyard chickens spend most of their waking hours outside the coop, either ranging freely outside the run or wandering around inside an enclosed run, which means that droppings inside the coop accumulate primarily overnight underneath the roosts. The wood floor on the inside of our coop we put linoleum on it. The floor of your chicken coop might be dirt, wood or concrete. Want to clean your chicken coop, but don’t want to use bleach? Mix up equal parts white vinegar and water in a bucket OR just slosh straight vinegar onto your wet floor.

cleaning chicken coop floor 2Article – Using Tyvek in the Coop on the floor for ease in cleaning. Also prevents dampness (and smell) from soaking into the wood floor. (Community Chickens). Nor do you want to use chemicals when you clean your chicken coop, no matter how dirty it gets. Sprinkle fresh (or dried) herbs in the nesting boxes and liberally on the floor. It’s important to know how to clean a chicken coop right. October we literally move the coop and I clean every inch of it and lay new sand on just the coop floor.

I am cleaning it all the time just trying to keep it clean but it get really hard packed and it gets really tiring cleaning it! The floor is dirt and there is no way my Mum is going to put wood or anything on the floor because we are planing on building a coop in the next 2 years so what can I do to make it more clean??? Do I just have to clean it every day digging out the poo???. I clean the coop floor about never. I use the deep litter method (DLM), with several inches of pine shavings, adding more every few weeks. Since this will be my first time raising chickens, I want to make sure they aren’t suffering due to my might be bad judgments. I clean the coop completely 2X per year and the floor still looks great.

Chicken Coop

Many of the cleaners used on chicken coops, like bleach and aerosol sprays, can have disastrous effects on a flock. Take your home-brewed coop cleaner and spray down the floors, nest boxes and roosts. There is plenty of information about keeping a chicken coop clean, but what if the healthiest way to keep chickens didn’t involve the daily or even weekly. I have half of the coop floor with Pine shavings and the other half with sand mixed with food grade diomateous (SP) earth. At the very least, your chickens need the following conditions to stay clean. Avoid using water for cleaning unless the floor drains well, the day is warm and sunny and you can use ventilation to dry the house quickly. Chickens are shooed from the coop for cleaning. Photo Credit. Extend the life of your wooden coop floor by adding a linoleum floor. Coops lined with linoleum flooring are also a breeze to wash and disinfect a couple times per year. is a family owned website dedicated to help you build your own chicken coop and raise backyard chickens! Our chicken coop plans come complete with color coded 3D pictures to ease the building process, step by step instructions with a cut list for each section of the chicken coop, materials needed for each chicken coop and chicken run dimensions. A backyard henhouse for only a dozen or so chickens year-round should be commodious, a minimum of around 5 square feet of floor space per hen, which is much more than a commercial poultryman can afford. Catching boards, on the other hand, collect putrid piles of pure manure where flies can breed and disease infections begin if not cleaned out often. I strongly advise against floors in chicken coops.

How To Keep The Coop Clean?

I built our first chicken coop using recycled lumber and chicken wire (poultry mesh), and set it directly on the ground. Today we have a coop which is raised 4′ off the ground with a drop-down floor for easy cleaning. I’m even more lazy about chicken coop cleaning. We can’t seem to keep enough hay in the coop to start deep litter (the hens just scatter it everywhere). Using sand on the coop floor is absolute genius! Our little coop has a floor that can be pulled out and cleaned from outside so it’s already in the form of a tray. Here are a few pictures of chicken coops where the floor of the henhouse is lined with a durable flooring material:. Garden Coop with vinyl flooring to make cleaning up after his chickens easy. You’re all ready for your new flock of laying hens. But what do you use for litter on the floor of the chicken coop? Pine shavings, hay, straw, or what? How often do you have to clean it out? How do you keep it from getting stinky?.

Our chicken coop floors are a durable, sanitary and affordable flooring product for any chicken coop project or design. Keep your chickens clean and happy without having to pour expensive concrete structures. By installing a removable chicken coop floor, you can clean out straw and manure in a few easy steps, making for an incredibly easy-to-clean chicken coop. Once your coop is cleaned thoroughly, put a fresh 6-inch layer of pine shavings down on the bare floor. This is the best bottom layer for the Deep Layer Method because they are small and will compost fairly quickly. On the coop floor the bedding will provide a soft surface for your chickens to walk on and will absorb droppings and odor. Any suggestions on how to maintain a clean run in these conditions?