Cleaning Chicken Coop Sand (DIY Project Download)

When we moved our chicks outside I decided to use sand in their coop based on people on here saying it is easy to clean and relatively odorless. The Real Scoop on Using Sand in your Chicken Coop, Run or Brooder. I agree it does make for easy cleaning, since you can use a kitty litter plastic scoop, but it is not a safe medium to use. Like any bedding option, neglected bedding can cause health issues for your birds. Proper cleaning is important to your birds’ health. Have you tried sand in your chicken coop or run? What did you think?

cleaning chicken coop sand 2Cleaning sand in the coop and run is a snap with a kitty litter scoop or. We’ve been managing our chicken coop through a hybrid sand and deep litter system. Also, the SF bay area is a much drier climate, so cleaning out the coop is more of a dusty affair. Yes, I timed myself cleaning out chicken shit because that’s how I roll when it comes to procuring info for my awesome readers. Sand Litter Bed In The Chicken Coop: An Experiment.

The primary functions of litter (or bedding) in a chicken coop are to make floor cleaning easier and to control odors and moisture; SAND accomplishes all of those tasks and more!. If you want an easy way to maintain your chicken coop use the sand floor method. But with sand, cleaning is so simple which means easier access to chicken poop fertilizer.:) I can’t wait to see your new coop! One thing I love about my coop is that everything is raised up so I don’t have to stoop to clean.

The Chicken Chicken Coop Bedding: Sand, The Litter Superstar

cleaning chicken coop sand 3Coop with roosts and droppings boards removed for semi-annual cleaning. For more about the benefits of using sand as chicken coop litter, please visit my blog post here. Want to clean your chicken coop, but don’t want to use bleach? Me neither. We use sand on a stone paver floor and that too is a fresh batch. Our three ISA brown gals look confused but curious and are gradually making their way in to investigate. I typically follow this with adding more sand to the run. If you have to hold your nose to enter the chicken coop, you need to read these five tips to Keep your chicken coop smelling fresh. If your coop makes you hold your breath when you go in to collect eggs, think about how the chickens feel! It’s not too hard to keep the coop clean and fresh, if you do a little bit of cleaning every few days. Our area is very humid, so I would be afraid that any wet sand in the coop would be a problem. When you have a small coop, but especially in a small backyard, you need to keep things clean. It’s important to know how to clean a chicken coop right. You can see how I use sand and straw in our own coop and hen house. There are benefits to both. A good start to making your chicken coop easier to maintain is to use sand as flooring. Have you ever had to clean a cat’s litter box? Well, a chicken coop with a sandy bottom operates in much the same way.

Chicken Coop Bedding: Sand, The Litter Superstar!

Cleaning the chicken coop can go smoothly if you have the right tools though. The wire lets the sand bedding fall through to the ground, but picks up some of the smaller droppings that the fork would miss. Admit it: Raising chickens is fun, but cleaning the coop can be a hassle. However, it’s a necessary part of the chicken keeper’s job, preventing health problems and decreased production in the flock. What about how to clean the chicken run after having salmonella enteritidis? We have 2 chickens in a coop with a sand floor. A small amount of hay is in their above-ground nest box. This litter has been building up layer by layer throughout the winter and consists of sand, pine shavings, leaves, chicken food and small bits of poop.

So, I want to reassure you, that keeping the chicken coop clean is as about as time-consuming as caring for a canary. I rinse the limestone blocks of the poop, washing it into the sand below, and as a bonus, the rinsing gives the passionfruit vine and wormwoods a good nutritious drink. We clean our chicken coop (specifically the hen-house) twice a year. And no more. And I can totally handle cleaning only twice a year. Kristen, I was all gung-ho about sand until I really read up on the pros and cons. For those of you who are using sand for footing in your coops, did you do anything to prep the ground below before you threw in the sand or did you just dump sand in there? How deep did you make the sand flooring? Any other tips about using sand for the flooring in your coops?PaulaFarmgirl Sister 3090A Beehive is the ultimate Home Sweet Home sherrye True Blue Farmgirl 3775 Posts sherry bend in the high desert oregon USA 3775 Posts. Anything you use will eventually get dirty so don’t worry too much about what you use but for drainage sand is a good way to go. Cleaning your hen house doesn’t have to be an onerous task. Changing my choice of coop litter from shavings to sand has actually been my biggest cleaning time-saver; I’m now able to keep the coop cleaner than ever before at a fraction of the cost. Wood shavings, wood chips, sawdust or straw all work well inside the coop for easy cleaning and good hygiene. Many local chicken owners like using sand as the run floor due to our rainy climate. Check out how Jan keeps her chicken coop and hen house clean. Chickens poop a lot at night while they are sleeping, and so the bulk of their manure ends up under the roosts. Thanks Terry! I was hoping to decide on the litter method while it s still warm enough to change it! And, if I shovel everything out it would go perfectly in my compost pile! I d love to shovel out as much as possible and maybe fill the coop flooring with sand so I can just scoop it like we do the cat box?