Cleaning Chicken Coop While Pregnant (DIY Project Download)

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And for that reason, you may want to have your partner clean the brooder or coop while you’re pregnant, just to be on the safe side. Your doctor or midwife may have other recommendations, and I would follow his or her advice on the subject. Yes, it is safe to handle chickens while pregnant. If possible, cleaning out the coop should be left to hubby or someone else. I tend to advise very conservatively in this newsletter. We have a small backyard chicken coop (5 chicks and 2 ducks) its approx 4X4X8 in size. I grew up on an enormous chicken farm (think 100,000+ birds on one farm), where my mother worked in the barns every day while she was pregnant with both my sister and I.

cleaning chicken coop while pregnant 2For many reasons, raising backyard chickens has become an increasingly popular trend in recent years. But one local doctor fears that a lack of awareness of the importance of sanitation when it comes to keeping a coop in the backyard could lead to serious illnesses for amateur farmers. She said young children and pregnant women should not clean chicken coops and that after cleaning, people should throw their clothes in the wash and take a steamy shower, which helps clear the respiratory system. Is it safe to care for my chickens and clean their coop while i’m pregnant? I’m wondering if the chicken feces is dangerous to come in contact with while pregnant. You know how pregnant women aren’t supposed to mess with cat litter because of some toxic thing that can hurt the pregnancy? Is there any problems. I just had this random thought today when i fed my hens! I’ve never heard anything though, and an ER dr we saw one time said he had over 30chickens and his wife who was pregnant at the time took care of the feeding and cleaning the coop.

Anybody know if it’s safe to clean out the chicken coop while pregnant? My ND says she doesn’t recommend it but I can’t find any reason not to. I’ve never even thought twice about the chickens while pregnant issue. My coops got so scary, now I’ve just started putting clean shavings on top of the composting poo/shavings mix in there. I’ve never heard of chickens being a problem. cleaning out a cat box, yes, but chickens, no!! you could always wear one of those white paper masks if you’re cleaning the nesting area or picking up poop., i tended my 30+ chickens daily during my pregnancy..i even cleaned out the coop several times.

Doctor: Chicken Keepers Need To Beware

cleaning chicken coop while pregnant 3Yes, it is safe to handle chickens while pregnant. There are very few diseases that effect chickens that humans are also susceptible to. If possible, cleaning out the coop should be left to hubby or someone else. I tend to advise very conservatively in this newsletter. Hi I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant. Does any one know if its safe for me to clean our chicken coop out? Should I wear a mask or just have my husband do this job until after delivery?. You know pregnant woman can’t touch cat litter. I still clean out my chicken coop once a week, doc said just make sure I wash up afterwards and there isn’t anything to worry about. She said when chickens have the space to graze on grass and eat insects, the color of the yolk turns a bright orange, which is indicative of a healthy diet. The Hendersons said that keeping the coop clean, changing food and water daily, and providing good ventilation are also essential to chicken health. These at-risk groups include pregnant women, young children, and people with chronic diseases. Chicken-Keeping During Pregnancy. Before helping him clean the coop to prepare it for the winter season, I wanted to make sure it would be safe for my pregnancy to be in such a dusty, cobwebbed, poop-covered environment. Along with the benefits of backyard chickens and other poultry, it is important to consider the risk of illness, especially for children, which can result from handling live poultry or anything in the area where they live and roam.

Cleaning The Coop?

Dirt Bath This is how the chickens clean themselves. Do you know if it is safe to handle chickens and care for them and their coops while pregnant? I know your not supposed to clean kitty litter, wondering if its the same for chickens. Dirty animals will become stressed, so clean them with the Brush every three days. The pregnancy status indicates if your livestock animal is currently pregnant; chickens will always have no for their Pregnant status. Chickens will only lay eggs when inside their Coop. My husband built us a great little coop, though, with nice roosts, nesting boxes, and a wire floor. Especially when pregnant. Our 12 year old daughter does most of the work with the chickens and dad helps when the coop needs to be cleaned. The elderly, pregnant women and those with compromised immune systems also have a higher risk of getting sick from salmonella, according to the CDC. Barton Behravesh said people who keep chickens in their yards at home can be exposed when collecting eggs or cleaning up the chicken coop.

Many chicken owners learn that while it’s a good idea to let their chickens roam their yard regularly, it’s best to limit the length of time. When you clean your chicken coop and run, be sure to put the droppings in a compost bin or pile.