Cleaning Chicken Coop With Bleach (DIY Project Download)

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Want to clean your chicken coop, but don’t want to use bleach? Me neither. Here’s how I keep things shiny, without the nasty fumes. Sterilizing chicken coop before bringing new chickens or chicks to your coop helps a lot keeping your birds healthy and diseases free. You can use bleach because it is very effective for killing germs and bacteria and it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. We have 2 chickens in a coop with a sand floor. A small amount of hay is in their above-ground nest box.

cleaning chicken coop with bleach 2(And did you know that bleach can mix with the ammonia in chicken poop and create toxic fumes? So always use vinegar, not bleach, for cleaning. Nor do you want to use chemicals when you clean your chicken coop, no matter how dirty it gets. So, needless to say, chicken coops periodically need a good cleaning. I bleached everythingthe floors, the walls, the roosts, and the nesting boxes. Many of the cleaners used on chicken coops, like bleach and aerosol sprays, can have disastrous effects on a flock. Chickens are very susceptible to respiratory illnesses and cleaning a coop with harsh chemicals can cause problems.

Cleaning your chicken coop helps keep your birds healthy and reduces unpleasant odors. Step 2Empty the feed and water containers and wash them in a solution of 1 tablespoon of bleach diluted in 1 gallon of hot water. Spent the last 3 weekends cleaning out the coop. So my question is: how much bleach to a gallon of water?? Will be using a 1 gallon pump sprayer. A chicken coop only requires a thorough clean 2-4 times each year. Mix a cleaning solution of 1 part bleach and 1 part antibacterial dish washing detergent with 10 parts water.

Natural Chicken Coop Cleaning 1-2-3

A mixture of one part bleach and one part dish soap makes a good base. This article will tell you how to clean a chicken coop successfully! Wash your hands thoroughly, then bleach and rinse feeders and waterers. Let them soak, and then rinse them off well once again. After we clean our coop, I like to spray the nest boxes and coop walls, surfaces etc. It will dissolves dried egg yolk in the case that someone broke open an egg in the box, and it has mild bleaching properties. 6. Dilute bleach can be used, but only if you can leave the coop open and empty of chickens long enough to let it all dry and air out. A coop with only 4 chickens will need a different amount of cleaning than one with 12. Spring Cleaning: 11 Steps to a Clean Chicken Coop. I like to use a bucket of warm water, a splash of bleach, and a few drops of Dish Detergent. Many chicken keepers will tend to reach for the bleach as a coop cleaner, but mixing ammonia and bleach, as you may know, can result in toxic fumes.

How To Clean Chicken Coops (with Pictures)

When you clean your coop, never use bleach, aerosol sprays or any chemicals that may cause your hens harm. There are plenty of natural products you can use instead. Sometimes the money we spend does make our cleaning regimes easier, but one product we take for granted is highly underestimated – Clorox Bleach. Twice a year you’ve got to really scrub your coop clean! Remove bedding, nest materials, feed and water containers. For a cleaner, we recommend a concoction of 1 part bleach, 1 part dish soap, 10 parts water. When cleaning your chicken coop, do not use bleach at all. Bleach combined with the ammonia from their manure can create poisonous fumes.

We clean and spray for mites every time the coop is cleaned, this time round we have pulled the coop apart and reproofed it etc and there are still mites everywhere. We use a mite spray and powder on the chickens, but they are always there:( Our chickens only come in at night and spend the whole day (apart from laying) out of the coop, but it’s still not pleasant to think they are being bothered by the blighters. Thick bleach painted on the gaps works too but wait for it to dry before putting the chickens back in Of the over the counter products Perbio is the best as it contains the highest of active ingredient (permetherin) Total Mite Kill from Nettex is also quite good. Unfortunately, it looks like the coop and barn have not been cleaned out in quite some time, at least not thoroughly! So besides a routine cleaning that should be done to prevent disease between animals, how do I actually clean all that junk out and sanitize it? Oh, one more little itty bitty preference I have is that it be a natural cleaning method. (I can’t and won’t use bleach!) I read a wonderful article about disinfecting with vinegar and tea tree oil, which is something I do at home. When you have a small coop, but especially in a small backyard, you need to keep things clean. It’s important to know how to clean a chicken coop right. I use this to clean waterers and on occasion I clean them with hot water and dish soap. I do not use bleach as the plastic tends to absorb the bleach odor.