Clear Resin Table Top (DIY Project Download)

Bar Top and Table Top Clear Epoxy Resin, 1 Gallon. UltraClear Bar Top, Tabletop, & Countertop Epoxy for Restaurants and Homes (COMMERCIAL GRADE). We created a video of how we made our epoxy resin tabletop. Easy Cast Clear Casting Epoxy. A. I’ve seen the stuff you are looking for in a local hobby shop – I think it is called Clear Cast – it is I think an acrylic resin – a two part epoxy like thing. I think it cost about 10-20 per quart.

clear resin table top 2Some clear resins will have a yellow tint to them, which varies depending on the kind of resin. Best adhesive adhere fabric to table & best clear resin to use on top please? Add Chemco Transparent Dyes or TAP Opaque Pigments to color resin. Video for making a resin table top using TAP Clear-Lite Casting Part 1, click here. As an avid woodworker, I’ve seen clear casting resin applied to tabletops as a protective finish and to fill voids from knots. After the resin had cured, I took the table top out into the sun and was amazed at how much it glowed when I brought it back inside.

Note that just any clear epoxy is not always suitable for table and bar tops (ditto pigmented epoxy and garage floors). Add to this that pouring epoxy table and bar tops (and spreading epoxy on a cement floor) involves much more knowledge than simply learning the product data sheet for a specific two part epoxy. Clear epoxy designed for pour on table tops and bar tops. The ‘almost no yellowing’ in this formulated epoxy sets it apart from folks selling raw, clear resin systems purchased in bulk and not specifically formulated for Table Tops and Bar Tops. Round 3/8” Flat Polish Tempered Glass Table Top, White, 24. 124.40.

What Kind Of Resin Should I Use?

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