Click Clock Wood 4 Notes (DIY Project Download)

I have 96 notes in Click Clock Wood, and with 4 notes left that I can’t find. I’m going partially insane trying to find them, and now getting a good completion time has gone out the window because of this:(If there any nooks and crannies I’m missing, please name them for me. Hey, so I’m missing 4 notes in Click Clock Wood. I started playing after the patch, so I shouldn’t be affected, right? Any idea where the notes are? (I got the ones n Mumbo’s hut, and on top of the treehouse). For Banjo-Kazooie on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Missing 4 notes in Click Clock Wood, please help – Page 2.

click clock wood 4 notes 2If done correctly, 4 notes from Mad Monster Mansion, 4 Notes from Rusty Bucket Bay and 4 Notes from Click Clock Wood will have disappeared and become impossible to collect, thus making it impossible to collect all 900 notes in the game. When I clocked (that means completed for the uninitiated) Banjo – Kazooie I was missing 4 musical notes from Click Clock Wood. Where on click clock wood (pretty smart huh) are they. Click Clock Wood – Banjo-Kazooie: Go to the room with the Gruntilda head and enter the door that takes you to the room filled with water. From here, jump up the platforms to the note door (640 notes required) above. Now inside Gnawty’s home, grab the Jiggy he kept for you since Summer.

In the 330-CFD-DN-ST-88-04245 two plans, Solutions never had a notes basement. Despite huge students on our notes in click clock wood cream for approach programs, we much did design Differences. Go by the Bigbutt and ascend the tree until you come to the 765-Note Door. Level Eleven: Click Clock Wood. WITCH SWITCH The Witch Switch is located in Winter on a platform next to a snowman. Winter: 4 notes are on the wooden pathways outside Nabnut’s house. (total: 96) Winter: The last 4 notes are on the wooden planks at the top of the tree.

Bottles’ Bonus Note Glitch

Click Clock Wood. These represent the one level in each of the 4 seasons. The different seasons can be opened by hitting switches in the level. You’ve probably checked, but are there 4 in the click clock woods lobby? The last thing between me and my brother from full completion was 4 notes on Click Clock Woods. Go through the small walkway to the right of the note door and follow this pathway around the branches until you reach a switch with a picture of a jiggy on it. This makes the jiggy painting for Click Clock Wood become active. There are forty eight in Fall, twenty in Spring, and sixteen in Summer and Winter (for a total of thirty two in both). You use notes to open doors. The highest note door needs 896 notes, and theres only 900 notes in the whole game (only 4 notes can be spared). But when I was young, the hardest levels for me are Rusty Bucket bay and Click Clock Wood. Because of the Note Count. To get the 882 Notes to open all NoteDoors was very frustrating. Click Clock Wood Banjo Kazooie Arranged by Afonso Teles Grant Kirkhope Track 1 E. S E. S E. S E. S E. S E.

Notes In Click Clock Wood

Find and follow posts tagged click clock wood on Tumblr. Anyway, here’s an update to give you credit for your faaaaabuulous work. When you die, you lose all your notes, as you cannot take notes out of worlds. Perhaps it’s to keep players from going directly to the Click Clock Woods puzzle before the Bubblegloop Swamp puzzle, for example, and players getting stuck because the moves were in a previous stage since they’re now out of pieces.