Click Clock Wood Blue Jinjo (DIY Project Download)

Click Clock Wood ist die neunte und gleichzeitig letzte Welt in Banjo-Kazooie. Click Clock Wood is the ninth and final world accessed from Gruntilda’s Lair in Banjo-Kazooie. Jinjosedit. Jiggy collected upon finding all the Jinjos in Click Clock Wood. The Purple Jinjo is located on top of the honeycomb stairs.

click clock wood blue jinjo 2You must enter the honeycomb in bee transformation to obtain the Jinjo. Jinjo 4: The fourth Jinjo, yellow, can be found in summer near the entrance of Click Clock Wood. DK Vine: BK Reedview: Click Clock Wood (Part 2)Click Clock Wood (Part 2) Back Next IntroPre-GameSpiral MountainGruntilda’s LairMumbo’s Mountain (Part 1)Mumbo’s Mountain (Part 2)Treasure Trove Cove (Part 1)Treasure Trove Cove (Part 2). We can also retrieve the blue Jinjo, perched against a dark wall atop Mumbo’s hut. With all the Jiggies in the world collected, winter becomes a leftover season. Banjo-Kazooie Click Clock Wood – Jinjos. 0:36. Banjo-Kazooie – Click Clock Wood(Spring). 4:56. Banjo-Kazooie Click Clock Wood – Jiggies. 2:20.

If you pause the game and go to totals you can scroll through the levels and see how many jiggies you have for each one i think. Each of the 9 worlds holds 10 Jiggies, as well as Grunty’s lair, for a total of 100 Jiggies. The last level of Banjo Tooie, this region was explorable in all 4 seasons using a hub. In the center off all versions is a very big tree, on which you climb to find Zubbas, Squirrels, and of course Jiggies.

Click Clock Wood

The Blue Jinjo awaits patiently in the moat, you can rescue it and hope to find the flight pad before the Sand Eels get you or you can wait until you empty water into the moat and swim to him. In Click Clock Wood, you’ll find many reasons, To change to a bee, in which of the seasons? Spring Mumbo won’t transform you into a bee in Summer, because he’s too hot to do it, he won’t do it in Autumn, as there are a lot of leaves to sweep up, and in Winter, he’s packed up and left because it’s too cold! The only time to transform is in Spring. How do you open the doors in Click Clock Woods? And in OTHER words, if you had eight honeycomb containers, you now have the power of SIXTEEN! From: Nitros64. In Mad Monster Mansion, go to the pond where Blue Jinjo is.

Click Clock Wood Missing Jiggy?