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The clicking of an item in the navigation drawer is dealt with by my first fragment, only, the navigation drawer is in my MainActivity class. I can’t seem to be able to close the navigation drawer (I can swipe it closed but I want it to auto close after an item has been clicked) from my fragment after an item has been clicked, is there any way to do this?. LEFT);. and from Your fragment In oncreateView() method As you want new Button Programmatically add Button in Your Root inflated layout. I want to show the Navigation Drawer with animation when opening the app. How can I do that? You can call openDrawer(int gravity) on the DrawerLayout to make it open the drawer with an animation. Navigation Drawer is not getting closed when pressed back button for Support Library Revision 20.

close navigation drawer programmatically 2I have to drawers from right side and I can’t close one which is at bottom programmatically. There is no problem with other to drawer but when I try to close that drawer programmatically it gets locked and even back button doesn’t work. The Android DrawerLayout class is the interface used to open and close the navigation drawer programmatically through your app. In many other Android SDK classes, you are able to set an animation duration before calling the appropriate action function that will then perform the animation so naturally, the first place to try and set a custom animation duration for the navigation drawer would be the DrawerLayout javadoc. We are adding items programmatically in our Google Developers Group android application, it’s yet to roll out the new version with design support library integration!. Handle back key press event, standard is to close the navigation drawer if it is open.

Navigation Drawer. Navigation Drawer is a recent popular Android UI design for many Apps like Facebook, Google plus,,you tube, amazon kindle gmail etc. The current implementation only allows using the md-sidenav widget as permanent navigation drawer or temporary navigation drawer, but the specs explicitly mention persisent navigation drawers. Is there anyway to programmatically force the hamburger icon to animate into the arrow (and reverse, when popping the backstack) such as how the Google Now app does it?. Only for the navigation drawer, as its supposed to come over the Toolbar.

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close navigation drawer programmatically 3Java Code. Following is the code of java activity file and XML layout file to hide and show status bar/ notification bar. Following is the procedure to add navigation drawer items programmatically, layout example is already illustrated in another thread forum. These navigation clicks fire events through Otto, a third party event bus library from Square, that lets the main activity know what fragment should be swapped in. Once the fragment is selected and displayed, the drawer is programmatically closed. This post is a step by step guide on how to create a navigation drawer for your Android app. android navigation drawer horizontal closed android navigation drawer vertical opened DOWNLOAD SOURCE CODE. In android how to set navigation drawer header image and name programmatically in class file? My issue is in this project there is nav_header_main.xml file which is for navigation header image and name. I want this image and name should be set programmatically in my main class activity. Android Toolbar + Tab Layout + Drawer, Hide toolba.. Android – onCreateOptionsMenu – Can’t disable Menu. Create a Navigation Drawer using the new Navigation View included in the design support library. How can i add items in Navigation view programmatically instead of data in xml menu file? NavigationView is closed (almost right away), it is automatically deselected without developer programming.

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With the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop, the new material design style navigation drawer spans the full height of the screen and is displayed over the ActionBar and overlaps the translucent StatusBar. To add an event handling to the toggle switch programmatically through Java, you will need to first get the menu instance and get access to the corresponding ActionView:. Navigation drawer with header in android: The navigation drawer is a panel that displays the app’s main navigation options on the le. React native drawer, configurable to achieve material design style, slack style, parallax, and more. Set to false to effectively disable the drawer while still allowing programmatic control. Opening & Closing the Drawer Programmatically. The Menu component is a navigation drawer that slides in from the side of the current view. These can be controlled from the templates, or programmatically using the MenuController. There are several ways to open or close a menu.

For creating navigation drawer I am using MMDrawerConroller library It is working great.