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Closet definition, a small room, enclosed recess, or cabinet for storing clothing, food, utensils, etc. See more. A cabinet or enclosed recess for linens, household supplies, or clothing. 2. A small private chamber, as for study or prayer. 3. A water closet; a toilet. 4. A state of secrecy or cautious privacy: Two days before the election, the candidate suddenly came out of the closet and denounced the proposed law. The definition of closet is something secret or unproven. An example of closet is a manly man who secretly enjoys chick flicks; a closet chick flick watcher.

closet dictionary 2Define closet and get synonyms. What is closet? closet meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary. Primary Meanings of closet. Full Definitions of closet. 1. Translate Closet in Spanish. Get the most accurate English to Spanish translations. Dictionary. Examplesnew. closet. noun. 1. (storage space) (United States). a. el armario (M). I hung your shirt in the closet.

The closet can be a scary place for a gay teenager. Oxford English Dictionary. The much-anticipated Fifth Edition of The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language is the premier resource about words for people who seek to know more and find fresh perspectives. INTERESTED IN DICTIONARIES? Water closet.

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