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My house has old slider doors which are 92 highwant to replace wit bi fold doors they only make 80 in doors my oping is only 45in wide they only make 36in or 48 in any ideas thanks. Join the YLF Forum to ask specific questions or just chat about fashion and personal style. We’ve found great looking wardrobe with sliding doors, but I wanted to ask you for your thoughts as I’ve always had the wardrobes with the regular door on them only. Hi i am new to this; i added a closet door onto a wall (niche) and sometimes comes out ok in the 3d view but sometimes it is popping out parallel to the floor!

closet doors forum 2I just renovated our master bath and we had mirrored bypass closet doors in the bathroom that I have removed. I would like to just replace them with plain, flat, wood bypass doors that I can stain to match, but all of the closet doors are the same mirrored door, metal frame that I just removed. I mean, my closet doesn’t even have a door and it’s really big. I don’t mind. If you close your closet doors, leave them open. I’ve got four 3.5ft x 6ft mirrored closet doors with white trim that I want to use as gym mirrors. How could I hang them so they are secure and can’t be knocked down? Suggestions please & thanks!.

I have a customer who’s requested some folding closet doors, 3 wide frames, flat panel, 2 panel doors per side 84 in height. total opening is about 7 feet. I just wanted to see if anyone has ran into an issue with the tile floor being to thick for the sliding closet doors? Do I have to cut the bottom of the closet doors or is there another way? I’m putting this on top of the exsisting flooring which is linoleum Thanks. I have a linen closet with a 30 opening, but no door. It is in a narrow hall. I would like to put a door on it, but there is no way.

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matchbox 20 tour 2012 3Some shots of the new custom closet doors I made and installed. I installed wide gap magnetic switches, embedded in the drywall, so that they lined up with magnets I n the door edges. We have a 2016 38 RSB3. We have recently encountered a problem in which the inside sliding bedroom closet door won’t extend any farther than the outside closet door. I can’t seem to find who sells these. I just want 1 sliding door as my closet door and will be installing it on the wall, on the exterior of the closet. We have a ’10 31′ Classic with the sliding glass closet doors, and they are constantly messed up! I’ve had the little rollers at the top come off (put them back on with Locktite), I’ve had the. I’ve just finished the second of five closet doors for our house. I decided to build this door out of some Sitka Spruce from Haines Alaska. Wasn’t expecting the colours as I cut the images into the panels. I have sliding glass closet doors that I want a key lock for, I’ve been looking for ages and still haven’t found anything at all, below are pictures of what the doors rails look like.

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Mirrored Closet Doors for Indoor Arena Mirrors. By huntereq_princess in forum Around The Farm. Hi, looking for some help. New to here. I apologize if I’m in the wrong section for posting. Installed a prehung double 24 inch closet doors. Does anyone know of any key locks i could get for a sliding closet door and a bifold closet door? i rent an apartment and I’m looking for options that i can remove when i move out without leaving. I am looking to install some new closet doors in my house. Currently, I have a sliding door system. I would like to either simply change the panels or.

I have a hanging closet door which slides side to side on a track that has broken. My landlord has been no help in trying to get it fixed and as thus asked me to find a repairman myself and deduct the cost from my rent. I need some advice on where to get or how to make mirrored closet doors for our Creekside 26rls. The Wind River comes with them so they must be available somewhere.