Closet Gun Safe (DIY Project Download)

The Closet Gun Safe is a small, lightweight safe. It can easily be carried upstairs, and fit perfectly in a small closet. It has top fire and theft protection, and plenty of room for a small gun collection. 59 high, 38 wide and 17 1/2 deep, it stores 24+long guns with fully adjustable shelving. The Titan modular vault puts security exactly where you want it. If your guns are in the back of your closet, accessing your valuables only takes as long as picking them up and figuring out a way to carry them out. Your handloading equipment can be left out in the open in a closet gun vault.

closet gun safe 2The Sergeant is one of our most popular gun safes because it can be hidden easily. In your closet, storage room or back office. Our small closet size safe can be placed in remote areas in your house burglars will seldom look. V-Line 3842-SA Shotgun Case, Fort Knox Maverick 602418 Closet Gun Safe. America’s fastest-growing quality gun safe manufacturer celebrates Winchester’s 150th Anniversary – see our all new Made in USA home and gun safes for 2016.

Closet safes are for your small valuables, handguns and medications. Foil potential thieves with a closet safe disguised as a shirt with 9 zippered pockets. If the Closet is the right spot for your Safe, Liberty has several safes that are specifically designed to fit in a closet-sized space. With depths and widths that work in standard sized closets combined with thoughtful interiors, Liberty Closet Safes are just the ticket!. The Closet Bunker leverages your closet walls in protecting you belongings. The Closet Bunker is long enough for Carbine style rifles and shot guns. It is made from steel with.

Small Gun Safe

closet gun safe 3The V-Line Closet Vault Gun Safe easily installs flush between wall studs, which provides a unique and space conscious way to secure your firearms. The door and frame protrudes no more than 2, so the Closet Vault can easily be concealed behind any door or in a closet. Included in Liberty’s product line are gun safes, closet safes, biometric safes, tactical vaults, and fire safes. They offer several custom options including over 2-dozen interior/exterior color option, different lock type choices, dehumidifiers, outlets and more. Well the wife says no way she dont want a big safe sitting in the family room.SOOO she said i could have the closet in the extra bedroom for my guns its 4′ deep 5′ wide and 8′ tall. Safe for the closet, must be 21 wide or less and fit a couple rifles and couple pistols. I have narrowed it down to two choices but interested. A gun safe is a secure and protective storage container for one or more firearms, and, or ammunition for those guns. False walls with hinges located at one end of closets are also sometimes used to hide gun safes, although simply installing a gun safe in an existing closet with a door that closes can achieve much of the same advantages to prevent intruders from becoming aware of the existence of a gun safe.

Closet Safes