Closet Gun Safe Door (DIY Project Download)

See more about Gun Safes, Hidden Gun and Gun Rooms. The Closet Gun Safe is a small, lightweight safe. Vault Doors Economy Vault Door. Other than keeping guns out of sight, a closet gun safe level V can also save space, and it will not affect the d cor of your room. The Closet Gun Safe Level V offers excellent protection against theft and fire in a lightweight, slim strongbox perfectly design to fit in your closet.

closet gun safe door 2If I was in a position where I had a secure room or large closet, the safe door would be an option for me. These safe doors typically install similar to a regular door. If your guns are in the back of your closet, accessing your valuables only takes as long as picking them up and figuring out a way to carry them out. Reinforce a closet or pantry into a closet gun safe/vault.

Looking for the best small gun safe that also happens to be one of the most affordable gun safes? In this master bedroom, custom butternut doors make the closet a feature. A gun safe is a secure and protective storage container for one or more firearms, and, or ammunition for those guns. Vault doors are available for creating walk-in gun safes or vaults in a dedicated room or gun armory in one’s home. False walls with hinges located at one end of closets are also sometimes used to hide gun safes, although simply installing a gun safe in an existing closet with a door that closes can achieve much of the same advantages to prevent intruders from becoming aware of the existence of a gun safe.

Closet As A Gun Safe?

hidden closet gun safe 3Some of our vaults and safe rooms may be built into a closet or in an home, business and may also be designed as a hidden room or secret vault by the use of a special hidden door or secret panels. Some of our vaults and safe rooms may be built into a closet or in an home, business and may also be designed as a hidden room or secret vault by the use of a special hidden door or secret panels. ProSteel Security Products – Makers of Browning ProSteel Gun Safes and ProSteel Vault Doors, Security Doors, and Tornado Doors. Get the most secure door locks, gun safes, and vault doors expertly installed in Denver, CO, with State-Wide Lock & Safe Inc. Just put a dead bolt on the existing door of the closet. If your gonna have kids, you’ll most likely be getting another home soon. If I were you, I’d buy a fire-rated gun safe that’ll fit in the closet. You can find some in the 700- 1,000 range that’ll be big enough, plus give you more fire protection than you can ever build into the closet, and likely more security too. I left the closet doors on and installed locking knobs and installed a security door behind that. That opens outward from the closet/gun safe. Closet With Hidden Safe Room My customer had a modest size walkin closet with an L shape. The long hanging on the left would disguise a small door to enter the gun room.

Small Gun Safe

I would look into a steel framed door and a big book shelf. I’m wanting to convert one of my internal closets into a gun closet. Basically I want to eliminate buying an RSC in lieu of converting. I have no illusions that this will be a safe replacement so don’t want to have that debate. The door is a standard hollow core 24 x 80 door. Build your shelter almost anywhere – Even in a closet! Vault Pro can custom build Safe Rooms, Storm Shelters and Safe Doors to match any standards, specifications, size or shape. Heat sensitive expanding fire seal expands to seal around the entire door on all Fort Knox vaults & safes. In addition to the high-grade UL listed fireboard and deep bend box, a dead air space is manufactured into the vault which acts as a thermal barrier, much like a thermal pane window, to give added protection.

FM had been eying that space up for a walk-in gun safe because he would only have to build two new walls. We used lag bolts designed for concrete to fasten the door frame to the walls. I bet my wife would fall down if I mentioned a walk-in gun closet.