Closet Nursery Ventilation (DIY Project Download)

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Here are five nurseries that just prove: a) the majority of us own way too many clothes if we have closets this big; and b) babies really don’t need that much space. Without ventilation the risk of sids increases. I’d either do no doors or keep crib in your bedroom. I myself never used a crib and had a pack n play next to my bed. I always thought this was an efficient and cute closet nursery! Maisy

closet nursery ventilation 2I am converting my home office into a nursery for impending child. I would use a fan if the room does not have any other ventilation. I dont have a problem using a closet as a nursery IF and only IF there is a vent. You could also point a small fan into the closet for ventilation, since they say that more ventilation less risk of SIDS. Don’t be ashamed if you have to put your kid in the closet. The solution: convert our 4.5 x 7.5 walk-in closet into his nursery.

Hubby and I have decided to keep master bedroom and nursery in the same room. I would seem to me that a closet wouldn’t get adequate ventilation. They had a walk-in closet that they put the crib in. I it ILLEGAL to put your baby in a closet!!! There is a law that any human must sleep in a bedroom with an accessible window and proper ventilation! Because you leave the windows open in your nursery? Once I stopped laughing at my wife’s suggestion to convert our 7ft x 5ft walk-in closet into a nursery, I started to realize that it was probably the answer to all of our problems. INCREASE VENTILATION.

What Safety Issues Should I Worry About With A Windowless Nursery?

There are small nursery spaces, and then there are homes where there’s literally no room for baby. Since savvy parents will stop at nothing to accommodate their kids in spaces that are not only functional, but also high in design, we’ve uncovered nine. Increase ventilation. Lose the uglies and utilize space outside the closet. If a move isn’t in your plans, then follow the lead of these apartment-living families, who turned a closet into a nursery. Yes, a closet nursery. No room for baby, turning my walk in closet into baby room. My only concern about the walk in closet would be ventilation. He seems to think DIYing a nursery out of a closet is a terrible idea. What do you guys think?. The only thing is, make sure there is good ventilation, for a few reasons. Use Broan-NuTone bath and ventilation fans to provide spot ventilation in your laundry room, clothes closet, kid’s nursery, home gym or basement to improve the indoor air quality in your home.

Closet Nursery!?

Our roomy utility closet is close enough for comfort (about 8 feet from our bedroom), provides plenty of ventilation with an open door and table fan, and is easily recognizable as a nursery to rescue workers. Plus, it allows us enough space to continue about our day when the baby is sleeping. – Nursery Closet Design design ideas and photos. Bath Ventilation Fans. A must for bigger spaces like a nursery or game room.