Cloth Ottoman (DIY Project Download)

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Ottoman is a fabric with a pronounced ribbed or corded effect, often made of silk or a mixture of cotton and other silk like yarns. It is mostly used for formal dress and in particular, legal dress (such as QC gowns) and academic dress (mostly for hoods). Radley Fabric Storage Ottoman. Special Savings. Reg. Custom hand-built fully cushioned soft edge ottoman upholstered in authentic African hand-spun, handwoven, and channeled natural cotton mud cloth.

cloth ottoman 2Kuba Cloth Ottoman South east DRC. (Democratic Republic of Congo) History behind Kuba Cloth Using the leaf of the raffia tree the Kuba people of the Congo first hand cut and then weave the strips of leaf to make pieces of fabric often called raffia cloth. A composite Qibleh cloth, Ottoman, assembled circa 1870 from earlier fabrics, with central floral mihrab worked with a cypress between peach and blue flower heads, with similar rectangular panels to either side, surrounded by a patchwork of floral embroidered garment and sash borders linked by pulled and drawn thread work and needle lace bands, 152 by 100cm See ‘Ottoman Embroidery’ by Roderick Taylor p. Ottoman textiles produced during this period are unsigned; while we have some data about the inner workings of royal or independent workshops that operated under the guild system, we cannot attribute particular textile designs to individuals or workshops. Textile workshops under court control in Istanbul were focused on producing cloth of gold and silver (seraser) for use as clothing and furnishings in the imperial palace and honorific garments (hil’at) (2003.

Black and white Mali mud cloth round ottoman / footstool.

Kuba Cloth Ottoman Furniture

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Ottoman (textile)