Cluster Wardrobe Planning (DIY Project Download)

Janice also posted about her helpful Wardrobe Cluster form, which she has kindly offered to email to anyone else who would like to use it. Hopefully by now you will have spotted the cunning plan behind this method of sorting out your wardrobe. This is exactly the approach I was planning to try! I came up with this idea recently — hide away the less-loved garments, get the clutter out of the closet, and see if I REALLY need or miss any of them. You may have as many different clusters in your wardrobe as you wish, but the purpose of this type of planning is to allow for versatility and flexibility with a minimum number of clothes.

cluster wardrobe planning 2Wardrobe clustering is one of my favorite exercises to perform with clients! Cluster Planning is a simple wardrobe strategy anyone can learn to take the fear out of fashion and wardrobe planning. Cluster Planning will save you time and money whether you are revamping your wardrobe for a lifestyle change, seeking a way to streamline mornings getting the kids to school, or reorganizing your closet. Each wardrobe strategy is independent, yet each strategy builds on the other, much like the pieces of a puzzle working toward the whole. If you’re planning a professional cluster or a travel cluster, plan on core pieces first — a jacket, skirt for women, and pants that work together.

Welcome to the next step of planning, part 2 – choosing wardrobe colors! Another benefit of clustering is that you can build your wardrobe as quickly or as slowly as your time and budget allow. Plan for five to eight pieces of clothingtop and bottom pieces. See more about Project 333, Capsule Wardrobe and Mom Style Fall.

Starting The Year Right

cluster wardrobe planning 3Cardigan Empire: Travel Packing Wardrobe Cluster – Love this article! Our thoughts on clustering as a method for closet organization and separators you can use to differentiate each section. I’ve also seen fabulously designed wardrobes built out of the Elfa system where different clusters are hung at different heights so that no group hangs immediately next to another group. I’m taking tomorrow off and planning to completely go in and reorganize my closet, donating items that I haven’t worn in years. Methods of clothing selection, coordination, evaluation, and planning to meet men’s and women’s wardrobe needs. Explain the concept of clustering clothes and its use in wardrobe selection. (IV). A wardrobe capsule, clothing capsule or wardrobe cluster is a small group of items that mix and match to create a number of outfits. These types of problems occur when you don’t have a wardrobe or shopping plan. We all know what happens on this plan — you pull everything out of the closet, try on your prom dress from 1998, and the baby wakes up, spits up, and demands attention. A cluster is a core group of five to eight clothing pieces that work together. The final step is to make a shopping plan, determine your budget and take action. A cluster or capsule wardrobe is a collection of basic pieces that you can mix and match to create lots of different looks.

Putting Me Together: Wardrobe From Scratch, Part 2: Choosing Wardrobe Colors

So, basically this is a journey of having fun with your wardrobe, getting out of your style rut, bringing out the best version of you, feeling fabulous from the inside out, feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, shopping with purpose and saving money and maximising your time when dressing every morning. As you learn to organise and plan your wardrobe you will be able to cut through all the clutter and confusion of what to wear. Because of my client’s lifestyle we decided to have just one cluster (work wear and casual/weekend wear) and categorise it be styles and colours. When planning a basic business wardrobe, start off by investing in a few versatile pieces that coordinate in colour and style to create several different outfit. The purpose of this type of planning is to allow for versatility and flexibility with a minimum number of clothes. These clusters can be interchangeable, but plan your wardrobe to fit your major activities.