Coated Swing Set Chains (DIY Project Download)

Home Playground Hardware; Plastisol Coated Swing Chain. Swing Set Stuff Highback Full Bucket Swing Seat with Coated Chain – Color: Yellow,. Safe, Strong, Vinyl Coated Chain Is Sure To Fill Your Swing Set Needs. This Hard-Wearing Chain Is Dcor Friendly Coming In a Wide Variety of Colors & Sizes.

coated swing set chains 2Coated swing chain offers safety and style for your playground swings. Sold as a pair, each chain comes with 30 inches of coating, ensuring the users hands will be safely protected. Double Loop Chain is a versatile non-welded chain that combines flexibility and strength. This general utility chain is ideal for a wide variety of uses such as animal restraints, gates, porch swings,. Chain. Vinyl coated. 0. Finish Family. Metallic. Weight Capacity (lb.) 255. Our featured playground swing seats and chains for commercial swing sets:. Note: Not for use with full coated chain or single clevis. Use with half coated or galv chain, large s-hook or dbl clevis.

Swing set chain guide shows you the different swing set chains on the market. The guide shows the differences between soft grip chain, coated chain, and un-coated chain. Provide safety and a user friendly play set experience with new PVC coated swing chain. The full length plastisol coated swing set chain from APCPLAY ensures that no child’s fingers get pinched, or scratched from rough or loose chain links.

Coated Swing Chain By Child Works

coated swing set chains 3Features. This is for 1 belt seat with vinyl coated chains. This belt seat is fade resistant. It comes with 2 S hooks, 2 coated chains. Comes with 2 S hooks and 2 vinyl coated chain. Gorilla Playsets Turbo Green Tire SwingGorilla Playsets Turbo Green Tire Swing. Submit. Buy our Fully Plastisol Coated Swing Chain and get Free Shipping on orders over 99! See our large selection of swing set parts at guaranteed low prices. Buy Coated 8 1/2′ Swing Chains at Discount Playground Supply. They are available in several bright polymer colors and is sure to brighten up any playground swing set. Playground swings and accessories for backyard play sets by Detailed Play Systems. Plastisol Coated Swing Chains – Larger image, specs. Ready to install onto existing Swing Hangers. Swingset Seat Belt Swing + Coated Chains BLUE Playground Accessories Free Ship. Swing Seat Playground Outdoor Swingset Accessories Hanger Chain Kids Child Belt.

Swing Set Chain Guide

These Deluxe Swing Belts by Gorilla Playsets are a must for any play set. They are a one piece injection molded design rated at 225 lbs. They conform to the child’s body for added safety and have built in UV protection so they won’t heat up or fade in direct sunlight. Features: -Zinc plated swing chain with plastisol coating. -Material: Metal. -Includes one chain. Product Type: -Swing set hardware. Material: -Metal. Dimensions: Overall Height – Top to Bottom: -67”. Residential – Hardware Colorful chains are plastisol coated for 30. Even the chains are our swing sets get special attention. Swing Set Solutions utilizes plastic coated swing set chains to minimize pinching of little fingers, cut down on material deterioration, and mute chain noise.

Swing set chains for sale. Buy colorful plastisol coated swing chain online for safe commercial playgrounds. Delivery of equipment and accessories is available. If you are looking for a chain that can help prevent getting your kids fingers pinched in the chain, take a look at our Plastisol Coated Chain or our Soft Grip Tube Chains. The Belt Swings with pink coated chains were sold together and about 30 each. And we’ll try not to let her chew on the swing set frame. Two pairs of like new 5 1/2 foot coated swing set chains. Pair on the right have never been used. Some chains come coated in a protective material to prevent children from pinching themselves, but over time, this coating can come off and expose the chain. Each belt swing chain is coated with plastisol to help with gripping, reduce pinching of small fingers, protect chains from the hot sun and reduce rust. Our premium belt swings can be installed on most swing sets in less than one minute. Our full line of replacement residential and commercial swing set accessories, playground swings and equipment can be used on any commercial playground equipment, even if they are more than fifty years old. Or some sort of poly coated?) so that it won’t wear through so fast c) Safe as possible against pinching, breaking, rusting and getting the little guys filthy d) Strong enough that the big kids can’t twist and break it e) Isn’t hundreds of dollars per foot for some sort of exotic unobtanium alloy??? Thanks!.