Comercial Heineken Closet (DIY Project Download)

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Heineken Commercial – Closet Comercial Heineken – Closet siempre me parecer genial jajajajajaja See more about Heineken, Closets and Watches. The next scene shows the hostess surprises her friends with the walk-in closet filled with clothes and shoes and immediately the friends shrieked in exhilaration. The company’s logo: Heineken, give yourself a good name is shown at the end of the commercial. Heineken tiene una gran lista de comerciales geniales y muy creativos a la vez que divertidos. En este caso vemos como una joven pareja esta mostrando su nueva casa a sus amigos, en medio de la fiesta de casa nueva.

comercial heineken closet 2Bavaria spoofs Heineken walk in closet fridge commercial. Heineken beer is presented as the fashion focus for men in a humorous television and cinema commercial developed in The Netherlands. The spot, launched in late December 2008, has built a strong viral following in the weeks since. Heineken Commercial: Walk-In Fridge! Heineken Commercial: Walk-In Fridge! Heineken Commercial: Walk-In Fridge.

Heineken Walk In Fridge Commercial Personal. 29 Jan 2009. This has to be one of the BEST Heineken commercials I have ever seen. Even though it is in another language, you get the idea. We’re going with laugh- it shows four women screaming in a walk-in closet full of shoes (clearly a Sex and the City reference) when they are interrupted by the sounds of four men freaking out in a closet of their own. Sure, it relies on certain dated stereotypes, but anything that mocks SATC is OK by us. This commercial portrays the effect a walk-in fridge stacked with Heneiken beer can have with men. Then they hear loud screams coming from another place, the clip shows four men screaming because of a walk-in fridge packed with Heineken beer.

Bavaria Spoofs Heineken Walk In Closet Fridge Commercial

comercial heineken closet 3Comercial Heineken – Closet dos Sonhos. Comercial de cerveja, costuma ser um show. Mas esse se superounem vou escrever mais, o prprio j diz tudo. Um grande abrao. Valeu Heineken.

Heineken Closet Commercial