Container Store Closet Installation Reviews (DIY Project Download)

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I have installed the Elfa closet system in two of my children’s small walk-in closets. I installed the system for our master bedroom closet and could not believe how well all the components fit together. The Container Store’s Elfa Shelving is a well-known system but Home Depot, Lowe’s and IKEA all offer similar options. We just installed a big walk-in closet using the Ikea Algot system.

container store closet installation reviews 2If expense isn’t an issue, The Container Store will install it for an extra 30 percent of your total purchase, or a minimum of 180. Rubbermaid Homefree Closet System Review. I decided to install the Elfa Easy-Hang system from the Container Store instead. Speaking of cost, the total cost for my two tiers of hanging space up front, and long hanging / shelves in the back would have been 300. Elfa is available online and at The Container Store. Elfa needs 24 between vertical rails, and Rubbermaid/Closetmaid utilize a 22 spacing. Installed a whole wall of shelving for my craft room for 200!

The Container Store complaints about their customer service and handling of injury. The Container Store – Worst Closet System Install Ever!!. The Container Store – Poor Customer Service – Price Match Policy. Whether you’re transforming an unused room into a walk-in closet or struggling with a tiny apartment closet, here are five closet storage systems worth considering. And the cost was significantly less than any other options available! Our experiences looking for custom closet solutions.

The Container Store Elfa Closet-organizing System Review

ClosetMaid systems feature ShelfTrack wire shelving, and easy-to-install vertical standards combine with snap-in-place brackets, bars, and shelves. The Container Store’s closets are sold online and through 57 stores nationwide; they offer free design service in stores, by phone, and online. Ultimate guide to closets & wardrobe systems. The best ones I have come across are the Luxury Hangers from Butler Luxury; read my review of them here. In the U.S. it is sold exclusively by the Container Store. Good Housekeeping and consumer review sites agree with me. I opted to have the three closets installed by the Container Store, even though they seemed pretty easy to install. It came out to 3k including installation (8 closets) which if you have shopping around you will know that is a STEAL. Buying Elfa shelving at Container Store is kind of a long process, but when you’re finished, you’ll know precisely how many screws and anchors you need, and what kind.

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Seriously unless you have a huge closet or very few items to store, wallpaper may not be practical. People who buy Elfa at Container Store LOVE IT. Im a white closet girl bc we don’t have natural light in our closet. we had california closets installed in our master and i loved it so much i had it installed in my son’s closet. The reason they want to speak with you on the phone is to find out if you know how to install the closet items you have in your design. The product line, Elfa, is exclusively theirs. For our current home, I wanted to have something a little nicer than ClosetMaid and was planning to install an elfa system from the Container Store until I got an estimate and found that it was way out of our budget. IKEA has a PAX Planner that allows you to create your dream closet online, providing you with the cost of your system and a printable list of the products you have chosen. The company offers an installation service for a fee.

See more about Closet System, Container Store and Closet. I’ve been budgeting for an Elfa system for our master bedroom closet since Oct 09, last night SO and I finished mapping the layout in Container Store The current closet system is rather unique- one long top rack that runs east to west on each wall, plenty mix and match of cardboard boxes, plastic bins from apartment days, and a dash of colorful children toy bins donated by SO’s sister Needless to say, Elfa is on my 2010 New Year resolution Historically only the units are 30 off during annual sale, but this year both Elfa units AND installation service are 30 off. Comment: Need to have ClosetMaid custom shelving from Home depot installed in three closets and ELFA (Container Store) home office custom shelving installed in den of condominum located in Roscoe.