Container Store Closet Pricing (DIY Project Download)

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The Container Store’s closets are sold online and through 57 stores nationwide; they offer free design service in stores, by phone, and online. In addition to marketing high-price items, The Container Store is opening more stores. The Container Store’s Elfa Shelving is a well-known system but Home Depot, Lowe’s and IKEA all offer similar options.

container store closet pricing 2The cost of custom closets is probably the number one reason why people don’t install them. Steer clear of The Container Store stock until its valuation becomes competitive and its high-end custom closet business proves more muster. The Container Store introduces luxury custom closets.

TCS Closets is The Container Store’s new luxury line of custom-built closets. Yet, as 2015 kicks off, shares are almost right back to that 18 IPO price; Elfa is available online and at The Container Store. See more about Closet System, Container Store and Closet.

Pros And Cons Of Custom Closets

Introducing TCS Closets. Custom-built to fit your space and showcase your wardrobe, it’s everything you imagined a closet could be. The Container Store. The Container Store has been on a decades-long push to get shoppers to spruce up their closets and cupboards and convince them that a fastidiously arranged home can save time and ease stress. While the Container Store has long sold Elfa modular shelving systems, TCS Closets is a more high-end organization system made with finer materials and finishes. Gas prices are low. Recently a friend planning an Elfa closet system asked if I had any tips, since he knew I d built three Elfa closets after our big hardware flooring project this summer. It might look weird to the Container Store people, but in our closet it makes perfect sense. The new TCS Closets are expected to support The Container Store sales By. Closets — the new line of built-ins offered by the Container Store? It looks much nicer to me than the Elfa system but is about 3 times the price. Speaking of cost, the total cost for my two tiers of hanging space up front, and long hanging / shelves in the back would have been 300. However, I bought most of the components during the Container Store’s bi-annual Elfa sale, and saved 30.

Is It Time To Give Up On The Container Store?

The Container Store (TCS) Stock Up After Analysts Increase Price Target. The Container Store is on track to expand TCS Closets and Contained Home to all locations by the end of fiscal 2015. Elfa closet lovers, The Container Store has heard your cries for more luxury. Price upon request, at The Container Store, (The Container Store has locations in Tenleytown, Rockville, Tysons Corner, and Clarendon; containerstore. Today the national franchise’s custom closets are available at three price points. View this Great Closet with Carpet & Berber carpet by The Container Store.

Our experiences looking for custom closet solutions. Besides the cost, there was a limited variety of products you can choose from. The Container Store has extremely high quality items that last, but for a price. The Container Store joins Storables in Edina to make it the Twin Cities organization destination. Both stores excel at customer service but they split on price and selection. While the selection of shoe racks, sweater bins, closet and kitchen organization items boggles an already cluttered mind, frugalistas might be wondering if shoppers can’t get all this at Target or Menards for a lot less. The Container Store’s TCS Closets system is available in six finishes.