Container Store Closet Rod (DIY Project Download)

Unlike other wire shelving systems, our elfa Closet Rod is one continuous length. A Closet Rod Holder snaps onto a 12 or 16 Ventilated Bracket to hold the rod securely. Add Closet Rod End Caps to both ends of the Closet Rod for the finishing touch – no closet is complete without them. Get a handle on what’s in your closet with our Closet Rod Garment Organizers. Simply divide your clothing into groups on the closet rod and apply the appropriate labels onto the plastic dividers. Organize and easily identify garments by size, season or color with our Blank Closet Rod Divider. It fits on a standard closet rod and can be labeled with a wax pencil or by using our Label Maker.

container store closet rod 2The double hang closet rod is perfect for my granddaughter’s closet as she has so many clothes and it works perfectly in her closet. If you need a different height or width, the store also carries an Umbra adjustable double-hang rod. The closet rods are strong and fit the rod brackets perfectly. BUT..they are never longer than 4 feet. For quick hang-ups, try our Closet Rod S-Hook. It hooks over most closet rods or shower rods to hold a handbag, belts, a robe or towel. It’s quick, easy and a cinch to use.

Keep your hanging clothes looking their best with our PEVA Closet Rod Cover. It covers 36 of closet rod space, fitting easily over most hangers and garments. Available in three lengths, our InterMetro Clothes Hanger Rods are designed to work with InterMetro or Metro Commercial Shelves to create an exceptionally strong garment rack. The system is a fantastic solution for long-term storage needs, guest’s coats or if you just need a little more closet space. While this wasn’t terribly expensive, it doesn’t work on a wood closet pole, the hook is too small and doesn’t slide. The hooks don’t fit on every rod but did fine on my wire closet rod and shelf.

Double Hang Closet Rod Reviews

container store closet rod 3Organizing closets is a breeze with our customizable and multi colored Closet Rod Dividers. The slim dividers fit comfortably over any standard closet rod and their raised profiles are easy to see. Telescoping Garment Hook by Casabella. 12.99. 4.8 out of 5. Dublet Adjustable Closet Rod Expander by Umbra. 19.99. 4.6 out of 5. Double Hang Closet Rod. My badly installed closet rods and shelf recently collapsed. What’s a girl going to do? Well the first thing this girl did was to click on and that’s where I found my closet rod expander in shining chrome. The Container Store’s Elfa Shelving is a well-known system but Home Depot, Lowe’s and IKEA all offer similar options. I tried one on a standard-height closet rod (the two-tiered rod hangs from the standard rod, with the second one hanging as much as 28 inches lower), and while my 12-year-old son’s shirts didn’t hit the floor, mine did. Keeping your stuff in a transparent container store closet: Container Store Closet Rod Extender.

Peva Closet Rod Cover

Container store closet – Travel case is usually tough, particularly in the event you some things while using the passing of time. Image of: container store closet rod. Above the closet rods we have two and three rows of shelves for wicked-hard-to-reach storage of out of season clothes, fat pants and skinny pants, etc. It might look weird to the Container Store people, but in our closet it makes perfect sense.