Convert Entertainment Center To Wardrobe (DIY Project Download)

convert entertainment center to wardrobe 1

Entertainment centers are the white elephants of the flat-panel era. So turning an entertainment cabinet into a free-standing wardrobe is a logical transformation. Converting an entertainment center into a functional armoire is fun and easy. Whether or not you are using a thrift store find or an old entertainment center that you have around the house, you are sure to create an imaginative conversation piece for your home. Because of this, there are plenty of old entertainment centers at thrift stores and available used through classified ads. What I realized when I saw the entertainment center at the thrift store was how simple it would be to convert it into a closet.

convert entertainment center to wardrobe 2How to Convert a Cedar Wardrobe to an Entertainment Center. The era of the flat-panel TV has turned entertainment armoires into the white elephants of decor. The spaces originally intended for media storage or extra electronic components might lend themselves to being converted into file drawers. Wardrobe. Reinvented entertainment center craft supply station: Storage and organization is always a wonderful thing.

TWO EQUAL TWIN STATEROMS: Below decks amidships: TO STARBOARD: Two twin-sized beds with the ability to convert to one King if so desired, cedar lined wardrobe, built-in entertainment center with 26 flat screen TV / DVD / CD / AM/FM Stereo with surround sound. Learn how to turn a closet into a built-in shelving unit from the home improvement experts at All I know is, turning this old entertainment center into a play kitchen was simultaneously the most fun and hardest thing I have ever done and I took pictures of everything and these are only half of them.

How To Convert A Cedar Wardrobe To An Entertainment Center

converting entertainment center 3It did, however, have an old tall entertainment center built to hold a television much larger than today’s flat screen styles. As I thought about how to convert the room into a nursery, I took a closer look at the entertainment center. Convert an old TV Armoire or wardrobe. No one is buying entertainment centers anymore. So give it a new life as a hobby center! Here’s an inspiring photo from DIY Ideas magazine. Turn up the volume on a pair of plain metal file cabinets by painting them a bright, bold hue. Transform your waste-of-space entertainment center into a handy, hardworking laundry station. Armoires can fill needs from storage to desk space to entertainment center, and look elegant all the while. Turn the big brass key to open its elaborately decorated doors and you find a desk, a mysterious-looking smokey mirror and dozens of spaces for favorite things or office supplies.

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