Converted Closet Nursery Ideas (DIY Project Download)

15 creative nurseries built into closets. These closet nurseries make the most of small space and have lots of little details to keep the rooms cozy but still feeling open. Nursery ideas for small spaces/sharing room; Converting a closet into a baby’s room. A Crib in a Closet: 9 Ways to Make It Work. Since savvy parents will stop at nothing to accommodate their kids in spaces that are not only functional, but also high in design, we’ve uncovered nine great nurseries that were converted from closets. Nursery Decor.

converted closet nursery ideas 2For more ideas, check out Domino’s nursery gallery. Even transitional spaces, like a walk-through closet, can be turned into a nursery. A Closet Nursery and the same closet with a second child added. Some parents worry that their baby’s closet is too small, but what if all you have for a nursery IS a closet? Kari has been inspired by all the small nurseries we’ve shown in the past and wanted to share her own small space baby project: her closet turned nursery. We are about to have a daughter and wanted to stay in our one-bedroom apartment, so we converted our walk-in closet into a nursery.

Great idea and perfect for the next couple of years but what then? How we’re turning a walk-in closet into a nursery. I envisioned a kitschy lodge-style room with feltidermy decor. Don’t be ashamed if you have to put your kid in the closet. The solution: convert our 4.5 x 7.5 walk-in closet into his nursery.

Closet Nurseries Are Just What Every Small Space-living Family Needs

Besides, it does not take much trouble to convert it into one. Let us discuss this idea in some more detail. Stallings left one closet shelf in place to stow soft items like bedding, stuffed toys, and off-season clothing, since the family lives in an area prone to earthquakes. Without going into all the details, my husband and I have been discussing the idea of converting the walk-in wardrobe in our bedroom into a nursery. I’m not convinced because it just doesn’t feel right somehow putting your baby in the closet but I can’t think of any actual reasons not to do it. See the creative nursery solution that has these parents putting kids in the closet. If you’re thinking about converting a closet into a nursery, here are some of Rasmussen’s tips:. Finding bedding was a bit harder than I had imagined since we needed mini-crib sheets, Rasmussen wrote on her blog. (I did it for one year when living in 1-bedroom apartment with a newborn, and it makes nighttime feedings easier.) Or turn a wide, shallow closet into a sleeping nook for baby. Here are 20 awesome ideas to turn an unused closet into gold. Make more room in the nursery by putting the changing area in the closet.

New York Couple’s Closet Nursery Conversion Saved Them A Year Rent

Tags: baby, home, home inspiration, house tours, nursery. June 25, 2012 2:50pm Comments 49. I tried to float the closet-as-nursery idea by them, but no dice. I like seeing posts about small space living because I think a lot of Americans have more space in their homes than they know what to do with (Manhattan not included, for obvious reasons). We also converted our walk in closet into a nursery. Our closet is much bigger (probably 25-30 square feet) so it actually fits a small crib and a changing table/dresser. Lorie For the Home / Closet converted into mini mudroom. What a brilliant idea. the all white colour scheme really makes it seem bigger that it is. Put Baby in the Closet: 15 lovely converted closet nurseries.

A lot of time parents short on space convert their bedroom closet into a small space nursery. These nursery in a closet ideas are what inspired me. My wife and I live in an old soap factory conversion loft here in Brooklyn (DUMBO) – so we had a bit of a hurdle when it came down to how to planning the nursery. Our apartment is one large open living space except for the bathroom and. The walk in closet! We broke out the tape measure, sketched out a few ideas and layouts based on furniture we liked – and it all seemed to work. Easily convert your closet back when baby has graduated to their own room. Read more: Nursery decor: Forest-themed baby’s room. Check out this great San Francisco closet nursery by Refinery29 editor Angela Tafoya. Faced with being forced to move out of her centrally located, open-plan apartment, she and her artist fianc Eric Bailey got inventive with what they had, eventually converting a walk-in closet into a roughly 65-square-foot nursery for their baby girl. Saying I Do to Closet Nursery with 12 Stunning Home Dcor Images! Inspiration: Closet Nursery for a Baby Girl. I’ve always thought that this is a neat idea, plus I’ve always wanted to decorate a girl’s room, so this was my perfect excuse to live vicariously.