Converting A Closet Into A Half Bath (DIY Project Download)

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For another thing, doing things like converting a closet to a half bath may even add to the value of your home. If you already have a glut of closet space, of course, then, using one to make into a half bath poses no problem at all. When one needs to convert a small space like a former closet into a super compact bathroom, you’ll likely need to look over the pond to Europe or Asia for small bathroom options. We don’t really need to convert a closet into a bathroom (and don’t have the funds to do something like that) but it reminded us why it’s so important to regularly declutter storage spaces. Small half baths can be so useful, so I applaud the use of space.

converting a closet into a half bath – Convert Closet To Half Bath design ideas and photos. Converting Niches Into Half-Baths Is A Design Challenge. Many home renovators may instead choose to take advantage of space they already have by converting a closet into a half bath.

Other solutions I’ve used include fitting a half bath into an oversize storage closet and splitting a large full bathroom into a half bath and smaller full bath. Consider locating it in the recess under a staircase or converting a large first-floor closet. What’s the minimum space you can squeeze a powder room into? In half baths under the stairs, where the ceiling slants, tuck the toilet under the lowest point. You can convert an existing closet into a powder room. Building Codes: Look into local codes; most will say that 14 square feet is the smallest a half-bath can be.

Adding A Half Bath

What we do have downstairs, right off the living room, is a half bath. Ever since we moved in, all I have wanted to do is take out this bathroom and convert it into a closet, because it would make a really good closet space – shelves on the sloped ceiling side, and a space to hang coats on the other. SHould I turn my entry coat closet into a half bath and rely on clothes hooks? Half baths, also known as water closets or powder rooms, can be very useful in a home. They add a household convenience and can fit into a small space. (Another unit in the same line turned his closet into a half-bath (just sink and loo) so that’s a positive sign. Then you forget someone showered and go in with socks and get your feet wet and have to change socks for the 20th time that week. Half Baths & Tiny Toilets by Gordon Bock Compact equipment can help make petite powder rooms a reality. Though tank piping, which typically enters the bowl at its back, still has to be shoe-horned into the corner, remoting the tank may buy valuable inches. My wife and I are looking at a house that doesn’t have a bath on the 1st floor. There is a small area in the living room/front entry that has a coat closet that could be converted to a small half bath. No basement – house on slab, but maybe the 1/2 could be squeezed into the 3 season room or just a hole dug into the ground under the inside of the shed?.

Adding A Half Bath

We’ve long wanted to convert this closet into a bathroom but knew we’d need to take out a bunch of the kitchen before we even knew if a bathroom would be possible (most of the closet/bathroom is above the kitchen). Have 4 bedroom cape home. Change the half bath upstairs to a full bath will it increase the value if my home. Should we convert our 3 bedroom/1 bath into a 2 bedroom/2 bath? HomeAdvisor’s Bathroom Cost Guide offers price information on bathroom remodeling projects, as reported by HomeAdvisor customers. Plumbing; Electrical; Permits/Legal Requirements; Half Bath or Full Bath? This turns a plain shower pan into the foundation of an eye-catching shower. Make sure a built in wardrobe qualifies as a closet before doing this.

Find 7 places for that extra bathroom and discover how much does it cost to add a bathroom. When adding a bathroom, walk-in closets often can be turned into powder rooms or bathrooms without tearing down walls. We found that hidden closet which made plumbing a breeze, got a free door from our friends that was incredibly narrow and fit perfectly for the space, and let the plan sort of take shape in our subconscious before jumping into it. You have seen the space that became the half bath twice now. We have an older home too, and it is so rewarding when you can turn a space into something usable! In terms of plumbing runs, converting a half bath to full typically requires a vented 2-inch drain line, one hot and one cold water supply pipe, a faucet valve for the tub, and a riser pipe for the shower. The best scenario is a first-floor bathroom over a basement (or even a sizable crawl space), which means you can do much of the work from below without having to tear into finished walls, floors or ceilings. That means extra space for a larger vanity, a linen closet, or at least some freestanding storage furniture.