Converting A Closet Into A Shower (DIY Project Download)

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How to Convert an Old Stall Shower Into a Linen Closet. Where an unused or inconvenient shower stall seems like wasted space, its dimensions are ideal for a linen closet makeover. The Don’t Sweat It crew take out a closet in order to remodel a bathroom, expanding it from half to full. Steve and the Don’t Sweat It team help out, in their first project, showing them how to convert a closet into a new shower. The process of learning how to build a walk-in shower involves careful planning and an extremely large bathroom. This doesn’t mean that you’ll need to abandon your dreams for a walk-in shower, but building a walk in shower just might include converting an adjacent closet or linen closet into part of the bath to add extra space.

converting a closet into a shower 2Turn a Closet Into a Tile Shower. Bathrooms Before and After Tile Showers / 21 May 2012 / Peter Bales. When I arrived this bathroom had a lot of tile already. We’ve long wanted to convert this closet into a bathroom but knew we’d need to take out a bunch of the kitchen before we even knew if a bathroom would be possible (most of the closet/bathroom is above the kitchen). We are putting in a 42×48 shower, a 48 vanity, and a toilet. When one needs to convert a small space like a former closet into a super compact bathroom, you’ll likely need to look over the pond to Europe or Asia for small bathroom options. Jersey S Round Corner Shower: sized at 34 x 34 x 76, this 2 piece corner shower packs in a lot of storage with its built-in 4 shelves, 2 soap dishes and 2 bottle holders.

If you live in a small space but are lucky enough to have big closets, here’s an idea for you:. The main issue is to expand the master bath to accommodate a shower we would have to remove the master closet. My last idea would be to build small closets along the walls of the bedrooms that do not have the window, then convert the closets between them into a bathroom with a sink, toilet, and stand up shower instead of a tub.

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How much would it cost to turn a walk-in closet into an extension of a bathroom?. We want to remove the old bathtub and build a new, larger, walk-in shower, as well as tear out the old counter and replace it with his-and-hers stand-alone sinks. Learn how Cleveland Design & Remodeling converted a walk in closet into a contemporary designed and safe accessible roll in shower. We also expanded this bathroom by using the neighboring closet converting it into a shower stall. We had to relocate one door to include a small hallway which also made the bathroom much larger. If the small hall bath is on the main level of the house, I would not turn it into a linen closet. Most buyers prefer to have at least a powder room/half bath on the main floor for convenience. New Shower with clean glass shelf on top of hand forged wrought iron brackets (Custom Brackets) In need of another bathroom, this 1927 Built duplex bungalow had a closet on an exterior wall that had the room to be expanded making is possible to add a much needed extra bathroom. Convert this upstairs toy closet into a bathroom that will eventually function for two boys and any houseguests. Since it’ll serve as a shared space, we decided to keep the overall look clean and simple with white subway tile in the shower and a dark gray tile on the floor.

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Photos of Greenleaf Plumbing – South Plainfield, NJ. We could put a shower anywhere! Half bath turn linen closet into a shower! Before. I am converting a shower and closet into a larger walkin shower. This requires removing the plumbed wall and replumbing into existing lines in a wall that shares plumbing for a second bathroom. Converting an Existing Closet Into New Bathroom Space. One of the common ways to expand the space available is to remove an adjoining closet, as many half baths are next to existing closet space. All you need is a shower stall to qualify a bathroom as a full bath. Converting a bathtub into a shower is not as difficult as you may think. Removing an old tub and converting it into a shower involves tearing out ALL the old stuff including the bathtub, walls (tiles), hardware, and some flooring.

At minimum, the shower needs updated..without going into a ton of detail. Without going into a ton of just feels less nice. It is a smaller stand-up shower, though not so small that it’s strictly single-occupancy. It just feels less nice. It is a smaller stand-up shower, though not so small that it’s strictly single-occupancy.