Converting A Desk Into A Changing Table (DIY Project Download)

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See more about Changing Tables, Desks and Cheap Furniture. Instead, opt for a dresser, bureau, or desk at a suitable height and width and commandeer the surface for a few years. I never trusted a changing table, and if the baby rolls over in a crib or floor then no problem with possibly falling. The changing table project is now complete. finished. Even Russ was a little hesitant when he saw the old ugly desk I found on Craigslist, but he trusted me to turn it into a treasure and I think he was quite impressed with how it turned out;).

converting a desk into a changing table 2Changing tables for nurseries can be pricey. So why buy a one when you can easily convert an existing piece of furniture into a change table for a fraction of the cost? It doesn’t have to be fancy. Desk into Changing Table. Or Kitchen Island when the kids are grown! I know I will probably still shed a tear when I turn and walk away from her but that I think is to be expected. The changing table can easily be converted into shelving unit and small desk.

The changing table can easily be converted into shelving unit and small desk. When you have a baby, you change a lot of diapers. For a raised surface, some parents opt to use a dresser or even a desk with a changing pad on top. If company was over, I could easily grab the box and head into the master bedroom or other side room, knowing I had everything I needed, said McWherter. Here are 15 phenomenal ideas for converting your changing table to something totally cool and. Turn your little one’s changing table into a desk they can use when they’re older.

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desk to changing table 3What are you going to do with that old changing table when your child outgrows it? Don’t sell it or donate it. Turn it into a desk! See how I did it. The design of the Leander Change Table has carefully been thought through to ensure it is as good as it can be in terms of form, function and feeling. True to the spirit of Leander’s designs, the Leander Change Table has longevity as it converts into a smart desk by removing the shelf. If DIY isn’t your thing, the Stokke Care changing table (500) is designed to be turned into a large or small desk with a conversion kit (210). What other smart things can you think of to do with a folding diaper changing table? Turn it into a laptop case and portable desk? A hard-sided portfolio? Brainstorm your ideas in the comments. Does anyone know of any good options to convert a desk into a change table? It seems like the most important thing is that it’s at the right height, soft on top and has something to prevent bub rolling off. Pink and grey nursery with revamped dresser into changing table! Who knew you could turn a dresser old or new into a cute and useable bench? Depending on the style it can be used in any room! How about a bench with storage for your vanity? Put coasters on one and use it for your computer desk chair!! More storage t. The STUVA changing table grows with your child by transforming into a desk!

Stokke Care Changing Table For Your Nursery

Turn a changing table into a desk Changing tables help save parents’ backs, but there’s not much you can do with them when your little one outgrows diapers, other than store stuff on it. Jill found an ideal reuse for an old computer desk: When our son was born, we basically put a crib …. We built a changing table into the teeny tiny closet that was in the nursery. We’re planning on using a desk as a changing table, and I was planning on putting the Summer Infant Contour Changing Pad on top. I just do the change as quickly as I can and always have one hand on him so I haven’t had an issue.