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Restaurants where chefs cook at your table. Oct 04, 2013, 6:04 PM. Hi all,. Are there any of these in Vegas? You know, the type of place I mean. Experience a New Way of Dining With These Cook Your Own Food Restaurants. At Hanjoo the pork combination platter features a quartz slab that is erected right at your table and heated by a gas burner. 7 Totally Tasty L.A. Food Spots Where You Cook Your Own Eats. There is a grill at every table and ash can be seen floating in the air, if enough tables are grilling. One of the best Korean BBQ restaurants in L.A. is Genwa, it’s so good even celebrities (Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Bruno Mars) drop by for their Korean BBQ fix.

cook at your table restaurants 2From multi-story car parks to cooking with your feet, no space is too strange and no menu too quirky for our run-down of London s most unusual restaurants. Unusual restaurants in London: for a truly unique experience. Before coming to your table, the stones are heated to 260C and then allowed to cool. Patrons cook a variety of fresh ingredients in a hot pot at their table. At many okonomiyaki restaurants you can pick and choose the ingredients for your pancake. Experienced before and one course they brought all the food to be cooked to your table while you were eating previous course, and then they made it at your table.

I used to go here regularly for lunch. I went here for bento the other day and the quality had really declined. And Didnt recognize any employees. At Kitchen Table the dishes are cooked right in front of you, and it sure is a great performance. First, you sail through the hot-dog restaurant in front, past a horde of young people, queuing, to your table at the back of the restaurant, separated by a velvet curtain. Read the 10Best Detroit Asian restaurant reviews and view users’ Asian restaurant ratings. Cooked dishes include tempura, teriyaki, and a host of cook-at-your-table options.

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cook at your table restaurants 3Not your typical restaurant, you actually cook your own meat in the center pit of your table! We order a bunch of different meats to try,fried rice and garlic noodles. You are seated in front of a table with a grill in the middle: Pretty cool. My husband and I love a dining out night with Gyu Kaku. The meat selection is wonderful and flavorful. Cook at your table and use 3 different sauces to try with your food. You can’t beat dinner and a show — which is what you’ll get at the following five restaurants, where your meal is prepared right there at your table by a quick-handed, knife-tossing showman who’s equal parts culinary pro and entertainer. Plus, you might just pick up a few new cooking skills while you watch! The originator of the teppanyaki-style steakhouse is the Japanese restaurant chain Misono, which introduced the concept of cooking Western-influenced food on a teppan in Japan in 1945. Join us at a communal table with hosts in over 150+ cities. Enjoy your experience. Our communal dining tables are shared with interesting people from all walks of life. At Robot Restaurant 20 robots deliver food to the table, cook dumplings and noodles, usher diners and entertain them in Harbin, Heilongjiang province in China. You shouldn’t have to get out of your seat to receive your meal.

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Steakhouse in downtown Toronto offers guests hibachi-style dining in our conventional kitchens, Benihana’s highly skilled chefs present and prepare all entr es at a ‘hibachi’ table, around which, up to seven guests are seated. Toronto – enjoy the excitement of teppan cooking right at your table. I want to go to one of those resturants where they prepare your food on the hot plate in front of you. Cook a premium steak or jumbo shrimp right at the table on a hot lava stone that heats up to 810 F, the only steakhouse in Royal Oak offering this kind of dining experience. Cook a premium steak or jumbo shrimp right at the table on a hot lava stone that heats up to 810 F, the only steakhouse in Royal Oak offering this kind of dining experience. Certified Angus Beef steak right at your table on a hot lava stone. Cooked to perfection: The chance to cook your meat as you like it; Cook yourself but leave the dishes to someone else: Although you cook the food, the side dishes and drinks are served at your table and the dishes are certainly someone else’s responsibility! The downsides are few, with perhaps the only significant drawback to this type of dining being the unpredictable weather if it’s very windy the smoke can blow around the table or if the BBQs are fixed in place and someone may have to eat their meal in a cloud of smoke.