Cool Mailboxes Ideas (DIY Project Download)

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In this article, we collected 42 Cool and Unusual Mailboxes we found around the world. They are not some normal mailbox you can buy from your local hardware store. Some great ideas to differentiate yourself from the rest of the neighborhood! Christmas Gift Guide 2013: 30 really cool presents for men. 2 years. Mailbox in Massachusetts that looks like a transformer. Very Unique Mailbox. Cowboy hat as a mailbox is an interesting idea how to pay attention to your home.

cool mailboxes ideas 2Creative and unusual mailbox designs that will spice up any neighborhood. Gift Ideas. An offbeat custom mailbox can reflect your personality and let people know a little about you. These mailbox designs are weird, unique, and a little bit crazy. 10 Amazing Tree Houses: Plans, Pictures, Designs, Ideas & Kits. Looking for Mailboxes? Check out these custom mailboxes and find the perfect style for your home.

If you’re still expecting a lot of bulky mail even in the electronic age, a mailbox made out of a barrel may not be a bad idea. Add a unique element to your home with a decorative mailbox. One of the most visible pieces of your home, mailboxes can truly accent your home. BRIGHT IDEAS. Anyways you need to see these creative ideas of unusual mailbox designs. Unique textures and sensual palette of colors in Illustration.

17 Unusual And Creative Mailboxes

cool mailboxes ideas 3Posts about unique mailbox written by Undercover DIYer. They range from quirky to mailbox art. I also added a few sources and ideas where to buy coastal and nautical mailboxes at the end of the post. There are standard sizes recommended for mailboxes on most delivery routes, ranging from 19 to 23.5 inches long, 6. If you build your own box, it can fall anywhere in this range, but you need to get the local postmaster’s stamp of approval before it can become your official mailbox. Home Ideas & Recipes. DIY tutorials and where to buy vintage inspired mailboxes to use as a unique alternative to wedding guestbooks. Wedding mailbox to hold cards or escort cards. Make unique vintage holder soap. Repurposed old basket into a unique hanging towel storage basket. Repurposed mailbox for toilet paper storage. This super-basic mailbox is great for whenever you’re processing your Inbox(es). He lives in San Francisco, does lots of public speaking, and helps make cool things like You Look Nice Today, Back to Work, and Kung Fu Grippe.

Twelve Mailboxes Made From Repurposed Objects

Wrap sheer ribbon loosely around a pine garland and drape the garland around the mailbox. Wire clusters of bright nandina berries to the top of the post, and finish. Here are some really cool inspirational ideas for decorating your home exactly the way you want it. If not, don’t worry there are so many unique and cool mailboxes available that you are sure to be able to find one that is perfect for you!.