Corner Shelf In Closet (DIY Project Download)

Add a custom look to any room in your home by using this ClosetMaid Impressions Dark Cherry Corner Shelf Kit with Trim. Includes hardware. This simple-to-build system organizes your closet with shelf, drawer and hanging space for your clothes, shoes and accessories. The corner box sides are slightly narrower than 12 in., so you can cut off dings and dents and still cut four sides from a sheet of plywood. Adding TONS more storage to the typical builder closet. What is the T piece for? Does it hold up one end of the corner shelf? I don’t understand why it has lips under both front and corner shelves seems like you only would need an L shaped piece with nails into the front edge of the long shelf and then the corner shelf just sitting on the lip?

corner shelf in closet 2And you can clearly see how many different corner shelves for bedroom there are. Great for a guest room especially when you use the closet for storage..hang rod and shelf, then hang a robe there with extra hangers so people know what it is for. This add-on corner shelf has been handmade of natural aromatic red cedar wood. Add additional storage space to a Cedar Closet Wall Kit, sold separately. When closet rods of the same height meet in the corner of a closet, although functional from a storage standpoint, it’s challenging to access clothes or hangers that are located towards the far corner.

Corner Shelves For Bedroom

corner shelf in closet 3

Closetmaid Impressions 28 In. Dark Cherry Corner Shelf Kit With Trim-30805