Correct Mailbox Height (DIY Project Download)

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3.2 General Design – Mailboxes must meet regulations and requirements as stipulated by USPS collection and delivery, operation and policy (see 2. BEFORE INSTALLING THE MAILBOX TO ENSURE ITS CORRECT PLACEMENT AND HEIGHT AT THE STREET. The hole should be deep enough to hold 6-inches of gravel to promote drainage and set the post at the correct height. Help our Posties deliver your mail safely, securely and efficiently by meeting our mailbox specifications. If you are a Rural Delivery Service customer, we have different mailbox requirements. To find out more see Rural Delivery Service.

correct mailbox height 2The USPS does not have rules or regulations for wall mount mailboxes, however, you should notify your local mail carrier before installation to ensure proper placement of the mailbox and check for any local codes or regulations governing placement of the mailbox. Placement of a rural mailbox must be in accordance with the regulations established by the U.S. Postal Service. Exceptions to the 41-to-45 inch requirement include conditions of the road or curb that would make it impossible for correct placement. Customers should seek advice from their local postmaster or mail carrier before installing a wall mount mailbox to ensure proper placement and uninterrupted mail delivery. The flap on a wall mount mailbox should operate smoothly and reliably.

Proper installation of mailboxes along Calhoun County roads is very important. Mailbox posts can be made to be so strong that they will not yield when hit. If you live in a new culdesac where mail delivery has not yet been established, mailboxes will be grouped together just outside of the culdesac, (check your plat map for proper placement in this situation or contact the Post Office Manager if you are unsure). A letter box, letterbox, letter plate, letter hole, deed, mail slot, or mailbox is a receptacle for receiving incoming mail at a private residence or business. To correct this problem, the Post Office Department ordered that every household must have a mail box or letter slot in order to receive mail. Mounted at the height of a standing man, attached mailboxes did not require the mail carrier to lean over to deposit the mail.

For Uninterrupted Delivery, Adhere To Mailbox Regulations

The U.S. Postal Service determines the proper local route mailbox installation regulations for local mail delivery. If you are installing your own mailbox, and would like confirmation that the height is correct, please feel free to contact us at 492-2310, and one of our crew members will come to your residence to verify placement. I seem to recall my mailbox having instructions on what the proper setback was from the curb for mounting it. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to re-set the post for the mounting hardware after the snowplow took out my mailbox last year, and didn’t want to move the post even though the hardware was different, and I remember that the instructions gave a setback, which I was technically not complying with (as the new mailbox had different mounting hardware). So the height can be a problem issue, for one or the other. Higher for the SUV and lower for the car.

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