Costco Stainless Steel Tool Box (DIY Project Download)

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TRINITY 48 Stainless Steel Rolling Workbench Fingerprint Resistant Commercial Grade Stainless Steel, 2200 lb. Weight Capacity, Durable Rubberwood Top. Anyone have any experience with the Kirkland 42 tool chest? I have a stainless box I bought from Costco in 2006. I mean the box itself, like the sheet metal and stuff is what ever, that seemed the same to me, but real drawer slides and those beefy wheels? Those looked, and felt legit to me. Costco has the 48 Trinity Stainless Steel Tool box with wooden top on sale with manufacturer discount for 299, normally 399. Sale is 12/4-2015-12/24-2015.

costco stainless steel tool box 2Costco and Whalen are recalling their 72 stainless steel tool cabinet. If you have one of these tool cabinets, contact Whalen Storage for your free repair kit. Image of TRINITY EcoStorage Stainless Steel Table 24 x 24 x 35. So, i saw an awesome tool box at costco and saw an ever better price. for once, a box that doesnt cost as much as a car. I looked at the (previously mentioned above) stainless steel box at Costco but didn’t care for the large drawer it had.

Tool Chest: Who makes a ‘Snap On’ quality chests at Costco pricing? (Page 1 of 2). Build a metal bench and frame, skin it and hang some serious drawers in there. I use a larger stainless flat top Craftsman that I got on sale a bunch of Fathers Days ago. Because it’s not as tall as a regular tool chest, it fits nicely under my Sam’s Club workbench. For 700, this stainless steel tool box would probably go for 3000 from Snap-On. Anybody have one? I’m seriously thinking of getting one.

Recall: Costco Tool Cabinets

Costco has a 14 (might be 16) drawer stainless rolling toolbox for 750 right now. I was wondering if anyone had it and if so, how they like it. The recalled lithium-ion batteries were used with the following computers: 12-inch iBook G4, 12-inch PowerBook G4 and 15-inch PowerBook G4.

Tool Chest: Who Makes A ‘snap On’ Quality Chests At Costco Pricing?