Cotton Filled Jewelry Gift Boxes (DIY Project Download)

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No box is complete without a cotton filling. Cotton filled gift and jewelry boxes come in a variety of shapes and colors. The classic Cotton Filled Gift Boxes are available in this section. Choose from traditional White, Black, Gold and Silver Cotton Filled Boxes. Or, for something a little more wild, try our Zebra or Leopard Print! Many other colors and patterns are available here! Categories White Swirl Boxes Black Matte Boxes Clear View Boxes Silver Foil Boxes Gold Foil Boxes Zebra Print Boxes Glossy Teal Boxes Leopard Print Boxes Kraft Boxes Multi-Color Gift Boxes. This is for a 20 pack of 2.5×1.5 Kraft cotton filled presentation boxes. This is a wonderful size for rings, bracelets, pins, charms, necklaces.

cotton filled jewelry gift boxes 2New white swirl pattern cotton filled 2 piece, lid and base, cotton filled jewelry gift packaging boxes. Uses for these gift boxes include packaging and storing jewelry as well as many collectible or. Online Get Best Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes You Need from Aliexpress. Cotton-filled jewelry boxes come in white, silver and gold foil.

The 21 Cotton Filled Jewelry or Gift Box outside measurements are 2.5×1.5×1. Available in natural kraft, white swirl, black swirl, gold swirl and silver swirl. GIFT BASKET & RETAIL SUPPLIES. Our Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes are filled with a white non-tarnishing cotton and are the perfect choice for all your jewelry packaging needs. Embossed Cotton Filled Boxes. Customize your gift packaging look with embossed gift boxes! Not only will your customers love the textured feel of the embossed fiber boxes, but you’ll love that you can add your logo for a custom look.

Jewelry Gift Boxes

cotton filler for jewelry boxes 3Our cotton filled jewelry boxes come equipped with plush white synthetic cotton and are available in a wide selection of stylish colors and finishes. Fashionable Cotton-Filled Jewelry Gift Boxes of premium quality are very hard to find, however TSI Store Supplies has an extremely vast range of gift boxes that are guaranteed to satisfy your needs. Our wide selection of cotton filled gift boxes and paper retail jewelry boxes is great for any retail jewelry shop. Shop now. Find great deals on eBay for Jewellery Gift Boxes in More Jewelry Boxes. Cotton filled jewelry boxes,silver foil, gold foil and white gift boxes, necklace boxes, bracelet boxes, bracelet boxes and more.

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