Coulter Plein Air Easel (DIY Project Download)

The business started in a garage, where full time artist James Coulter www. Com or developed a Plein Air outdoor painting easel that is also a compact light weight travel easel that is now called the COULTER EASEL. Our original outdoor painting easel, the Coulter Plein Air System is simple to use, built for functionality and durability. High quality and reasonably priced. With all that said, it is the one I use the most for plein air. Tons of fans and alot if users so I will focus my response on the Coulter Plein Air easel.

coulter plein air easel 2Coulter Plein Air System Standard. If I were to paint larger outside I would purchase the Take it Easel as it is proven, flexible, durable and would be very difficult to blow over in the field. There are essentially three kinds of plein air easels in production today: the classic wooden French easel which originated during the mid-19th century, and its modern day counterpart, the Soltek; the Gloucester easel, which became de rigueur for seascape painters on the East Coast during the early 20th century; and the relatively new lightweight pochade box that can be attached to a tripod. I just heard about a comment about my easel the Coulter Plein Air System, from a new customer. Coulter Easel by James Coulter. If you’re interested in a light weight portable easel, check this one out. I use it for plein air and when traveling to workshops that don’t supply equipment.

Posted by James M. Coulter at 6:23 AM No comments:. I get bored with painting the same subject matter in the same way all the time. I invented an outdoor easel called the Coulter Plein Air System that can be found at artboxandpanel. The alternative was to mount the canvas or panel on an easel, which would require the painter to bend down to the ground whenever a tube of paint or tool was needed. One last easel I was recently made aware of by my friend, artist John Poon, is the Coulter Plein Air System, produced by the Art Box and Panel Company. Will I be walking more than a few feet with my easel and plein air gear? Unlike the Soltek, Anderson, Beauport, Coulter Plein Air or Stonefield, there is no open space between the panel holder and the palette so no extraneous light seeps through (again.

Coulter Plein Air System Standard

The business started in a garage, where full time artist James Coulter www. I remember Jim Coulter demonstrating the easel a couple of years ago, and it looked both simple and rugged. For on location painting you will need your own portable easel: French easel, Open Box M, EasyL or whatever you are comfortable with using. I use the Coulter Plein Air System ( with the mini palette, compact panel holder and tripod). I’ve done it. I’ve begun transitioning to oil painting en plein air. My Coulter Easel arrived yesterday and here is my initial Coulter Easel Review. A pochade box, then, is a portable painting box with a built in easel, meant to facilitate the creation of small alla prima paintings or sketches. I purchased the Sienna Plein Air Pochade box and returned it immediately.

James M Coulter

Coulter Plein Air System. My first choice for outdoor easels. When working on smaller canvases or panels, I use James Coulter’s systems in my studio as well. Oil painting easel table wood table top artist easel sketch box table top artist easel. Furniture From Wood. Next up, I changed from a small All-In-One easel, to a Heilman backpack box, both of which will mount on a tripod. There are several such boxes made for painters, by the way, of which the Coulter is perhaps one of the original, and simplest, versions of such a design. Labels: all in one easel, best brella, gitzo, heilman box, plein air pastel equipment.