Countertop Desk Diy (DIY Project Download)

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DIY Office with T-shaped countertop and Built-in cabinets- front desk space for 2. So ever since i finished remodeling my basement, I’ve wanted to build myself a new desk to fit in the corner of my newly remodeled office. Well after some motivation from a friend and his sweet desk, I decided to bite the bullet and build it. DIY Adjustable Standing Desk instructions from Creative Director, Sharon Marchand at Sparksight.

countertop desk diy 2Iv got an ikea desk about 90 inches long, Im using 5 of those 4 dollar legs from ikea. I have that same exact countertop and I’ve been wanting to do this same desk build but I can’t get over the price of the shelves. When it comes to crafting or working on projects that require a good deal of space, a store-bought office desk may not quite do the trick. A laminate countertop, whether brand new or salvaged from an. There are many options for countertops but laminate was the right choice for me and the space.

How to Build a Countertop Desk. Building a countertop desk is a project that can be done in less than a day, but the results will look like you worked much harder. My old desk was Ikea butcherblock on pipe legs and I absolutely loved it. While searching for desks at Ikea we ran across their Lagan countertop (seen on the left above). Somehow they manage to sell a sheet that is just over four feet long for 39.

Ikea Countertop Desk 98 Inches!

It’s therefore no surprise that a large number of DIY desk projects have emerged, from the relatively easy to the more intricate and complex. Desk by Tom Geisler is made from two IKEA butcher block counter tops. And add a wall of built-in cabinetry (and eventually a custom desk) so it looks closer to this: Using nothing but. In this case, we’d just use the same wood we’re using to build the bookshelves, painted white like the rest of it. Bruce, from Georgia, set out to build a custom desk for his wife’s craft room. My wife wanted a more functional craft room, using a counter height wrap around desk. I thought I’d share with you the tutorial on how to create this DIY Craft Desk! I have the original counter top, but there is a sink cut out in it. Our countertop ideas in granite, quartz, concrete, butcher block, and more will guide you to the perfect fit for your kitchen or any room in your house. DIY Network. I realized I needed a standing desk! I still have my old desk (made with an Ikea countertop and hairpin legs) and chair for when I need to sit, but I now spend the majority of my days standing up.

How To Build A Countertop Desk

How to create a custom bamboo countertop from tongue and groove bamboo flooring and bamboo quarter round molding. If I ever find the need to have a perfectly smooth work surface, I have my fabulous zebra wood desk only steps away. Pete shows how to build beautiful concrete table tops that look great, are cheap to make, and don’t require any specialty tools. I’ve built many tables and desks using these exact same processes. The countertop was provided to me from the team over at the Home Depot because they shared my love of the idea of showing you, how you can use materials, like a kitchen countertop material quartz in unique ways.