Covering An Existing Headboard With Fabric (DIY Project Download)

Over the weekend as I woke up to our new headboard. I have a similar issue with my headboard and have contemplated covering with fabric. We’re so excited to share our DIY headboard cover with you today and hope you’re inspired!. Update a basic wooden headboard with a simple slipcover using no staples or batting just interesting fabric, ties and a monogram. Place headboard on top of fabric then trace headboard’s outline onto fabric using chalk.

covering an existing headboard with fabric 2Padded headboard cover that reverses to give you two looks for your decor In My Own Style. To protect existing headboard, wrap strips of fabric scraps around posts before wrapping wire around. Cover your existing headboard with bamboo. Cover It Up. Cover It Up. It’s easy to give a plain fabric or wood headboard serious style with a simple slipcover. Measure your existing headboard and purchase enough foam padding and fabric to cover the headboard. When choosing upholstery fabric, select a pattern that runs vertical, and purchase a fabric with a width of 3 to 4 inches wider than the headboard to ensure the fabric width adequately covers the headboard.

The eye-catching fabric of your upholstered headboard can become the centerpiece of your bedroom. When choosing a new fabric to update your headboard, pick a color or pattern that blends well with your existing decor including the curtains, bedding, wall color and carpeting. This gives the back a more finished look by covering all of the exposed wood and protects your wall from damage by the exposed staples. I scotch guarded the entire thing after a lady at Joann’s fabric approached me, asked me what I was planning to use the fabric for, and told me what a terrible idea it was to use white. So we could attach it to the existing headboard without any hardware. 3. Cedar fence is a great material for making a headboard. This DIY headboard is lovely with buttons to match the fabric cover but what makes it really special are the two sides that turn into the bed just a tad.

Easy-sew Reversible Padded Headboard Cover

The fabric is actually 2 Ikea linen curtain panels for a total cost of 20. You’re going to strip your existing headboard down to it’s frame rather than going out, buying wood, and having to build a frame. Up the coziness factor of your bed with this custom-made, fabric-covered accessory. Any suggestions on how to build one of those into the existing headboard? Reply. Then I used a piece of muslin I had in my stash too, to cover everything again. Scared, remember?) so I took a quick look through the fabrics and found one I LOVED in the suit fabric aisle. I wasn’t sure how much fabric it would take to cover all the buttons, but it really took very little fabric. Another thing I’ve noticed- somehow, most of these people also have a bed frame that did not include an existing headboard and footboard. Cut the shower curtain (or fabric) to be long enough to cover the front of your headboard, and allow for the fabric to wrap around the back of the posts.

Updating An Upholstered Headboard

Lay the fabric over the batting to cover the front (right side out) and wrap over the top of the headboard. Using bolts, attach the legs of the headboard to pre-existing holes in the bed frame. The final step was laying the fabric on top of the batting and adhering it with hot glue on the backside. I also just purchased an ornate headboard that has a damaged covering. AT reader, Danielle, wrote us a question about taking her existing Ikea Malm bed and adding fabric to it for a new look in her space but isn’t sure if it will work. You could cover the entire bed or just the headboard! Spread your foam out on the ground and then lay your wooden headboard over it. Cut a headboard outline from your fabric, but again, cut 4-5 inches beyond your headboard.