Craft Projects Using Old Drawers (DIY Project Download)

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Dresser drawer shelves. Cottage decor ideas. cute craft idea. Repurposed Drawer DIY Projects – The Cottage Market. Fabulous Repurposed Drawer Projects Tutorials and ideas for using old throwaway drawers for new purposes. Drawer to Pet Bed: Here are 5 pet projects that repurpose unwanted stuff from around the house. Tags: craft ideas for old drawerscreative usage for old drawersold drawers ideasold drawers into porch plantersreuse old drawersuses for old dressers.

craft projects with drawers 215 most beautiful and interesting DIY ideas how to reuse re-purpose and re-cycle old drawers. Use big drawers to make a bed for your dog, or some small ones for your cat or some other pet. DIY Summer Party: Easy and Cleaver Ideas For Fantastic Summer Party. Under: DIY & Crafts Tagged With: DIY drawers, drawer, drawers, old drawers, things you can make from old drawers, vintage drawers. A drawer used as paint storage would be so cute in a craft nook. Amazingly creative ideas for using old dresser drawers in a new way! A drawer upcycled into craft storage by Happiness is Homemade.

I’ve found 15 amazing and unique ways that you can use old drawers and make them new again. Now, if you don’t have old drawers from a dresser that’s just collecting dust in your attic, I’m sure you can find some at yard sales or flea markets. I mean, there’s everything in here from storage to wonderful decorating projects, and even pet beds. Whatever you’re in the mood to create, you can do it with an old drawer. Decor in a Day: Easy Decorating Projects. If you love a fabric pattern but don’t have a lot of yardage, use a yard or less to make striking wall art. Cover a variety of different-size artist’s canvases or canvas stretchers with the fabric, stapling it in place on the backs. Craft an easy and unique coffee table from two shipping pallets. Secure the pallets together, one atop the other, using wood screws. Convert an old dresser drawer into a medicine cabinet that provides storage and style. I want to thank Stacey, a reader, for her great suggestion on what I should do with this old side table I picked up for free. Here’s what I started with. It makes a great place to display old photo’s, cards, mail etc. You could also mount the pocket on an old drawer front, or even a shutter.

15 Diy Ideas How To Re-purpose Old Drawers

Check out this wonderfully fun and unique idea to use that old dresser you are not needing anymore! Paint- I used 3 small bottles of acrylic craft paint in dark brown. 3. Instead of trashing your old dresser, turn it into a colorful shelf worthy of displaying your favorite books and collectibles. tells you how with these easy steps. Sometimes nothing but (nearly) instant gratification will do when it comes to craft projects. So, here are some super easy things you can do with old dresser drawers. Guys, you don’t even need the whole dresser. Less muss and fuss, but with all the crafting rewards! Don’t say I never did anything for ya. Make an old drawer cubby organizer with two old drawers and some scrap wood! It’s easier than you think, with this step by step tutorial you can make it too. Make a unique statement with this surprisingly simple DIY coffee table, made from upcycled drawers! Customise it to fit perfectly into your home. Upcycled coffee table from old drawers. DIY Network shares instructions on how to turn an old dresser drawer into a new pet bed. Learn how to turn an old dresser drawer into a new pet bed. This project requires few power tools and costs very little to make.

15 Brilliant Repurposing Projects For Old Drawers

Feel free to share your own recycled old drawers projects with us. The dresser is a sturdy staple of almost every bedroom, but daily wear and tear can put even the best one into disrepair. When it’s time to for a new dresser, don’t just toss away the old one like last year’s fashions. Instead, come up with a trendy way to repurpose it in your home. Drawer handles, knobs, and pulls are useful in every room of the house, especially when it comes to keeping your organized. If you need a way to organize your jewelry, create a board like Liz Marie’s that uses a random assortment of old knobs. Momtastic simply glued one on for this quick and easy project. Gardening Customizing Organizing Cleaning Space Planning Tips & Techniques Woodworking Reusing Kids Crafts Upholstery Makeovers. -recycled wood boards (you can use real drawer fronts if you have any around the house) -wood saw -wood paint -glue for wood and paper (i used scenic accents glue for modelling) -brushes (i used a small roll) -nice handles (you can find them at anthropologie but they are expensive, i found mine at the mauer park flea market in berlin for 2 euros each) -small metal saw -nice and colorful gift wrap -drill -dremmel (can be substituted by a manual hole maker) -nails -hammer. I just refinished a dresser and had the old knobs.